10 years of Instagram: Thoughts For Success In 2020

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Today I thought I'd share some notes about INSTAGRAM on its 10th birthday......these are just the opinions of ONE successful Instagrammer - The Lovely Escapist - and there are obviously many opinions on this subject.

There are some specific tactics you can use to grow your Instagram following and real estate marketing under the new algorithm that was introduced in 2020.

Here are some thoughts:

* When you post, engage/comment back within the first 60 minutes to help drive engagement. Not only will your followers appreciate it but Instagram will boost your post and show it to more of your followers.

* Do not edit your post’s caption or location tag for 24 hours....not entirely sure why but doing so will significantly lower your chances for it being seen.

* Do not delete your post and repost it. Same reason as above.

* Although you can use up to 30 hashtags in a post, this can now be picked up as spam. If Instagram thinks you are spamming, they will keep your reach low. 5 hashtags at most seems best.

* Do not use the same hashtags over and over again! Switch these up, or else it’ll look like you’re a bot, which means spam, which means lower reach.

* Post your hashtags in the comments vs. in the caption doesn't really matter. Posting hashtags in the comments can look like spam.

* Post more to gain more followers. If Instagram is only showing your content to 10% of your followers, you’ll risk having lower engagement on posts you’ve worked hard on creating. So post more. When you post more, you will reach a higher percentage of people daily. When more people can see your posts, the more your followers will engage. * When your followers engage and use the app, Instagram takes notice and will share your account with other accounts, so your chances of gaining new followers increases.

* Post less for better engagement.....I know, the opposite of above..... When you post less, the reach of your overall post is higher. The reason being that your post has time to circulate. Because of the algorithm, our feeds are no longer in chronological order but catered to what Instagram thinks we want to see. When people follow you, Instagram knows they would like to view your content. So even if Instagram doesn’t show your posts to a majority of your followers at first, it may get picked up by the algorithm and end up on your followers’ feeds later on. Try waiting a day or two before posting again.

* Geotag popular destinations. The sad truth is that Instagram will show your post to more followers if you geotag a popular destination. Visiting and creating content in super popular destinations helps. Some Instagrammers have done this with great success. Don't post inaccurate locations though.

* Utilizing new features like story highlights, polls, music, quizzes, chats, and following hashtags makes IG love you more.... Each time you use a new feature, Instagram sees your interest in the app and rewards you by showing more followers to your content.

* Start following hashtags you like, use IGTV, create story polls to encourage your audience to engage, and neatly curate your story highlights so your old and new followers alike can stay up to date with what’s going on in your life. If your highlights are nice looking, titled well, and the stories flow together, the more likely people will continue to watch them.

* Basically, the new Instagram Algorithm encourages (and forces others) to be more authentic and personal. So don’t worry so much about the numbers and start focusing on building relationships with your followers.

It's also important to note that advertising professionals see greater value in Instagrammers with QUALITY and SPECIALIZED followers rather than huge numbers of followers.

The key to your success on Instagram is posting interesting, varied content, consistent with your 'brand'. Avoid anything tacky that could come back and haunt you later or de-value your brand.

Remember what you post represents you AND all of us real estate agents collectively. Beautiful imagery. Interesting content. Try to make your Social Media something that informs, entertains and helps market your properties and your professional brand. Consistency pays huge dividends in everything you do!

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Joy BenderJoy Bender is the co-founder/owner of LuxurySoCalRealty with Compass. She has a passion for helping clients discover San Diego's coastal lifestyle. Specializing in second home buyers and relocation families moving to San Diego.  Joy will guide you to San Diego's finest homes.  

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Will Hamm
Hamm Homes - Aurora, CO
"Where There's a Will, There's a Way!"

Thanks for the information on social marketing on instagram,  I play around with it but not much.


Oct 03, 2020 09:22 AM
Ron and Alexandra Seigel
Napa Consultants - Carpinteria, CA
Luxury Real Estate Branding, Marketing & Strategy


We have used Instagram with one of our clients...Thank you for sharing your "how to" with Instagram.  A

Oct 03, 2020 02:24 PM
Thomas J. Nelson, REALTOR ® e-Pro CRS RCS-D Vets
Big Block Realty 858.232.8722 - La Jolla, CA
& Host of Postcards From Success Podcast

Good to see you back posting in The Rain Joy! Great tips, I was unaware of most of these guidelines. Was wondering if IG is your #1 choice for marketing these days? Or bettwer stated: what do you consider the top three social media platforms for REALTORS*? Thank You!

Nov 15, 2020 05:36 AM

Love your new profile pic.  Sorry I'm responding a year late LOL.  I was on permanent left side bed rest for 7 months.  Right now I'm bullish on Twitter :)

Oct 09, 2021 09:18 AM