Four 30 Day Challenges to Try Before the Year Ends

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As we enter the fourth quarter, we begin to take stock in whether we've made progress and done well this year. The truth is, it's been a rough year. And perhaps you've been a little off-kilter in the past months.

Also, we're not just talking about professional progress, but also our personal growth too. So, if you're looking to mix things up to end out the year, try out one of these amazing challenge ideas.


4 Effective Challenges


1. A Habit Challenge

Need to amp up your habits? Tweak your morning routine? Create more effective habits to become a more productive professional?

Start a habit challenge! Focus on one or a few habits for 30 days. Use a calendar to physically X every day that you do it and text a partner for moral support. 

Here are a few great habits to build:

  • Meditation
  • Reading (novels, professional development, personal development)
  • Journaling
  • Exercising
  • Drinking a smoothie to start the morning
  • Calling your clients on a regular basis
  • Getting 8 hours of sleep


2. A Gratitude Challenge

Feeling a little down or anxious lately? Try a gratitude challenge for 30 days! Each day write down a specific blessing or complete an easy action to thank those most important in your life. After 30 days, you'll feel dramatically better about your life and your circumstances. 

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3. A Happiness Challenge

This one is simple but very effective. Every day for the next month, do one thing that makes you truly happy. You're not considering the happiness of anyone else, just you. After thirty days you'll have a much better feel for the activities that truly light you up and make you want to fly.


4. A Self Care Challenge

And finally, many of us neglect our health and wellness on a daily basis. So, spend a month making your self-care and relaxation a higher priority. Spend every day doing something that makes your mind and body feel amazing. Here are a few ideas:

  • Establish a comforting night routine
  • Take a detox bath
  • Get a massage
  • Get out in nature
  • Unfollow toxic people on social media
  • Work on a puzzle
  • Take a nap


Something to Consider With Challenges

Challenges can be just the thing to get you out of a rut and end the year on fire. So, take a step forward and do something good for yourself this month. You won't regret it!

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Hi Jennifer,  Thanks for sharing this inspiring post.  I'm up for some challenges.

Oct 03, 2020 07:09 PM