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Learning how to generate real estate leads online is one of the most important things you’ll ever master in your career. This is especially the case since homeowners begin their real estate agent search online. The better you are at generating leads, the more opportunities you have to make a sale! If you searched for a realtor in your area to sell your house would your name come up? If you do things right someday it will!


Here are our top tips on how to generate real estate leads online for maximum impact:

1. Set Up a Lead Capture website


More than 90% of real estate agencies have a website. However, most of the realtors and brokerage do not have a home seller squeeze page setup up for seller leads. Dorrmat Websites are real estate seller leads generating focused. Seller websites capture property owners’ information for you to reach out to them to discover their needs and create home selling solutions for them.

2. Use Social Media to Collect Leads


Building a presence on social media can take some time, but the amount of potential leads you can collect makes it worthwhile. To boost your lead gen efforts, consider making a Facebook business page. Then create a pixel code to add you’re your real estate seller lead generation website. You can make it a geo-targeted area Facebook page and website or one with just your name or team’s name. Geo-targeting allows you to also provide locally targeted content you’re your property owners in the area.


Geo-targeting allows you to not just be a boring non-sticky business group. It allows you to talk about what is great and important in your community. Then talk about real estate secondary. You can have the same name for the page as a group.

3. Start a Real Estate Blog


Blogging is a great way to drive more traffic to your website, especially when you focus on local content. Your blog can help you rank higher in search results so that people actively searching for real estate agents in your area will see you before your competitors. What’s more, you can use your blog articles as part of your social media strategy to share your content with even more people.

4. Run a PPC Ad Campaign


Pay per click ads, or PPC ads, can help you bypass your competitors on the search results page and send you straight to the top. Your ads only appear in relevant searches, which means you have the best chance of connecting with quality leads. Plus, you only pay when someone clicks your ad.


There are multiple kinds of PPC ads. Facebook, Google, and other platforms. We love running high-quality Facebook ads with power and clear call to action, then we follow them up with retargeting ads for deep branding. Besides Facebook, we also like to run google AdWords PPC ads that go side by side with our SEO work to send get targeted people to our site looking for exactly what we offer.


5. Social Approval


Most real estate agents do not take getting social approval from past clients very seriously. We believe 100% of your clients should give you a review. We love as it is automated and has rules you can build into. You ask them for a review and based on their review and your preset rules additional review options appear for sites like Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc.


6. Video VLOG


Creating Youtube geo-targeted content for all types of things in your community including key phrases for home selling lead opportunities will help you go to the next level. You will send a link back to your website, social media, and even your reviews to help them improve in ranking. If you are speaking in them, you can use to scrape your content for a blog. We love using to help with our SEO with our videos.


7. Postcards and Local Magazines


We have loved for years do what other realtors do not do and this is dominating in local print. This is branding your name, your branded website, and delivering your most important services with a very strong call to action.


It is ok to provide multiple ways to reach you from calling, texting, emailing, and PMing on social media. However, you should do your best to have no confusion about what you want them to do and that is to reach out to you for XYZ.


A lot of experts say to only give them one way to reach you, and we have gone against that for years because that is forcing them to communicate the way you want to be communicated with when in fact we should be communicating with them the way they want to be communicated with as we are the ones asking them for business.


How to Generate Real Estate Seller Leads Online with Dorrmat

To generate long and deep lasting leads you need to dominate your market. Do not get stuck with the idea branding is outdated and you can just run catchy lead generation form ads on Facebook and forget the rest. That would be the stray house in the three little pigs story. Above is just the surface on how to dominate your real estate market. By joining up with Dorrmat you will get coaching and training that will help you dive deep into each one of these categories.


Knowing how to generate real estate leads is too important not to get right the first time. When you can generate enough leads, you can expect to enjoy a long, fruitful career in real estate.


Dorrmat can help you on your lead generation journey by doing all the heavy lifting for you. Our platform puts you into the role of real estate consultant by building your image and keeping you top of mind throughout the process.


One caveat: we only allow one agent to claim a Dorrmat Pro Website per Zip code. See Dorrmat in action, then claim your website to Generate Real Estate Leads online before other agents in your area do!

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Those are 7 great suggestions on capturing leads James Sanson - Ranked in the TOP 1% of Arizona 

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Good morning James. Great tips for those searching for ways to capture leads online. Enjoy your day!

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