5 Tips That Help Halloween Pumpkins Last Longer

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Handle with Care

To help keep your pumpkin lasting longer, the less you acutuall touch it, the better. The oils from your hands speed up the proccess of decay. When it comes time to carve your pumpkin it's best to use latex gloves. They will help to keep the oils from your hands, which is what causes the quiker decay, away from the skin of your pumpkin. Did you know a pumpkin with a stem will last longer? 

Location Is Important

If you 're pumpkin is going to sit outside, a dry, shaded spot is best. Moisture will rot your pumpkin faster and full sun will dry it out too fast.

Dry Your Pumpkin
Once you clean out your pumpkin after carving, make sure all of the guts are completely taken out and then let the cavity dry out. If you leave any of the guts or moisture on the inside, they will rot faster. 

Lubricate Your Pumpkin

After you've carved your pumpkin take petroleum jelly and tub it around the edges of the area's you've carved. Once you've carved your design, the edges of the cuts will start to curl and dry out, this helps protect your pumpkin from drying out too fast and keep your design in tact. You can also use coconut oil or olive oil for this trick as well. 

Don't Use Candles

While a candle inside your pumpkin is traditional, it’s best to keep the flames away from your pumpkin. The heat of the flame inside a pumpkin will cause the interior to dry out, which means it will rot faster. You can pick up a battery operated candle or carve a hole at the bottom in the back of the pumpkin and put a very short string of LED twinkle lights that you can plug in. 


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Hello Irene, very good list of tips for Halloween pumpkins last longer.

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Great information.  Thanks for sharing and enjoy your weekend!

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