What makes Greater Nashville Realtors mission powerful for YOU?

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As of 10:30 AM yesterday 10/05/2020, . . .

the race to win one of the 4 open seats on the 2021 Board of Directors for Greater Nashville Realtors

The journey began with @ a dozen top notch Realtors who opted in by filing a nomination. These folks then followed a very smooth process which narrowed the candidates down to a “Slate of Six”.

I was most impressed by the this process because the sole focus was to have boundaries to ensure a level playing field . . . There were no possibilities for unfair advantages (Believe me – I inadvertently pushed those boundaries twice and immediately was “called on the carpet”), No harm – no foul.

This is akin to Lacrosse Referees and players on the field – Everyone knows the rules, and the real boundaries end up being defined by the tolerance of the Refs . . . There was ZERO tolerance in this process.

I would not even contemplate running for the Board of Directors without having a burning passion to help make a positive difference in the businesses and lives of our member Realtors.

There’s a lot at stake here . . .

Take a gander at the “Campaign Platform” below – These are “4 Pillars” that I believe are paramount for we Realtors to focus on as we face all of the challenges of these tumultuous times.



 – Local Niche

 – Relationship

For sure – All Realtors feel like the existence of our livelihood is under attack from all sides – Internet, Local, State, and National government, and onslaught of class action lawsuits. I believe our Local, State, and Nashville Realtor Associations combat these assaults on our profession with RPAC – Circling our wagons around our NICHEs (Real Estate sales is LOCAL) – and a campaign of Building relationships. 


 – Ethics

 – Etiquette

 – Cooperation

As our membership continues to grow and digital business continues to innovate, Broker “Supervision” becomes more “diluted” and more essential. We need strong emphasis on the ETHICAL practices of our members – then add a measure of defining “best practices” regarding Etiquette and as our Principal Brokers and agents work together and with clients a SOLID mantra of Realtor to Realtor (Clear) cooperation

Personal Well-Being (Life Rhythm)

 – Mind

 – Body

— Spirit

Many of our members are living toxic lives . . . Literally killing themselves Mentally, Physically, Spiritually, socially, emotional – This works together with the professionalism. How can we call ourselves “professionals” while working 24/7/365?  

I believe THIS is the pivotal time to focus on these right things, and my reason for wanting to serve on the board is to do whatever possible to improve the quality of life for our members.

Community Outreach

How can Greater Nashville Realtors provide more value for you and your business?

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Greater Nashville Realtors 2021 Board of Directors

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Nick Vandekar, 610-203-4543
Long & Foster Real Estate Inc 610-225-7400 - Devon, PA
Tredyffrin Easttown Realtor, Philly Main Line

Barry, I think you would be a good advocate for all local realtors, and I know how hard it is to get elected to a board of realtors, I ran several times, and we have one of the largest realtor boards in the state, and it is just combining with another so will now be definitely the largest. Keep up the good work.

Oct 06, 2020 09:54 AM
Myrl Jeffcoat
Sacramento, CA
Greater Sacramento Realtor - Retired

With your knowledge and experience you would be an excellent fit for your local Board of Directors, Barry.

Oct 06, 2020 06:32 PM
Barry Owen

Thank you Myrl Jeffcoat 

Oct 07, 2020 06:10 AM