Dripping Springs ISD School Board needs to listen to the Parents

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I live in Dripping Springs, Texas.  I sell houses to people who move here for the  School District.  Recently I had a mom cry and tell me that they made the biggest mistake moving here because of the School District's mask rules.  They make ALL kids even kindergartners wear masks ALL DAY, outside/inside, everywhere.  Our Govenor's mandate is for 10 year olds and up.  If nothing 

else our School Board Members need to change the rules to 10 and up.  Carrie Kroll, Todd Washburn, Barbara Stroud, Mary Jane Hetrick, Shannon O'Conner, Marisa Grijalva, Ron Jones.... DO SOMETHING! Dripping Springs has VERY low rates for Covid 19, Stop the politics, please.


Our School Board has gone unchecked for far too long.  Recently we started a Facebook group that is pushing for our Children's rights.. The mom's in this video are from our Group... If you listen, they have some great information about Children and Masks.   


Please Watch.... Straight from Dripping Springs Texas... Thank you #drippingkidsfirst



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