Are Your Competitors Stealing Your Real Estate Leads?

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I assure you; your competitors are sealing your leads. 

How on earth can my competitor be stealing my leads? You may be asking yourself this question right now. 

They are stealing your Google My Business local pack spot, that’s how. 

Google My Business local pack result

I am starting a video and podcast series on this very topic. 

Follow along the next several weeks and make sure you are not getting your leads and money taken by a shady competitor.

Today’s article will prove to you this is happening, and in fact, I’ve never seen a market where it wasn’t happening. 

The only question is how bad is it. 

Let me tell you something upfront. These are NOT your regular “Google Business listing” blog posts nor videos.

Sure, I’ll cover the best practices to list your business in Google My Business. But you’ll also discover some effective strategies to transform your GMB profile into a lead generating machine while keeping competitor’s GMB spam out of your local pack.

First off: Why should you create your Google My Business listing in the first place and what is GMB Spam?

We’ll address and answer these questions. 

Check out this video, done for my roofing clients but there are no differences in Google Map Spam. Only different industries. 

Google Map Spam

Digital marketing is crucial for any successful real estate business today, and Google My Business (GMB) is one of the last moats you can create around your realty company. Created by Google, GMB is an amazing tool that doesn’t cost you any money, at least not yet. And, if used wisely, it can help you grow consistent lead traffic to your business, day in and day out.

Is this true?

It all depends.

For the past few months, GMB spam has been a real focus of mine. If you’re not using GMB for your business, it can become a blessing for your competitors and spammers. They can steal your spot, and you will lose leads and money.

This rampant issue has indeed cast a dark shadow over many legitimate real estate companies, especially the ones that have not claimed their GMB listing yet.

According to Google, 44% of SMBs, small to mid-size businesses, have not claimed their GMB profile.

I understand you might feel hopeless about the whole situation now, but with a little knowledge, you can get out of it & make your Google My Business one of the best lead sources in your marketing funnel.

Let’s dive right in.

Competitors are stealing Your GMB Local Pack Spot

There is no silver bullet to spot this shady practice. You must learn what you are looking at. 

Don’t worry, by the end of this GMB series you will know what GMB spam is, how to spot it, and how to stop it.

Look closer at this search result.

Here’s an example:

Do a Google search on “realtors in Sunny Isles Beach, FL”. 

Pro Tip: the search terms you use will impact yours, and your competitors’ ranks.


In this search result, you probably won’t notice anything out of the ordinary:

  • But for me, one of the names looks too long.
  • And, the #1 result only has 6 Google reviews, while the others have many more. Don’t look at the ads just the organic results.

This is a dead giveaway for me that something is just not right. 

Well, it could happen because Google considers a lot of factors in a search result. But I guarantee you; this company is keyword stuffing its name.

GMB LOcal Profile

Yep, I told you so. Everything after the word Realty is called keyword stuffing and is not allowed by Google policy.

Need proof? I would.

Local Website

Yep, I’m right. Here is the real name on their website. 

Why should you care? 

Check out this stat by BrightLocal, a leader in local search. 

Over 32% of all search results go to the local pack. This is a huge number of potential real estate leads right here. 

Brightlocal GMB Statistic

You need to be getting your fair share of this. 

A Realtor with 6 Reviews Beating Realtors with 26 & 45 Google Reviews

GMB Llocal Pack

It could happen but it doesn’t happen very often in my experience

And, there would have to be many other factors contributing to this. 

Your Google reviews are the #1 ranking factor in your local search. You need to be gathering up more Google reviews every week. 

Do another search on ‘condos for sale in Sunny Isles Beach FL’ – A very common search term in this area that provides realtors with the opportunity to sell a condo.

Now, let’s take a look at how this search results turned out (brace yourself for it).

You basically get a knowledge panel result.

Only one problem, this is not the name of this realty firm. 

Nope, not even close. 

Let me state right quick, if you find yourself in one of my examples, fix your spam and it would not happen. 

Local knowledge panel

Need proof? Yep again I would. 


Here is the website linked to this GMB profile. Yea, not the same name.

Again, this is not allowed by Google policy. 

You can add a service all day long, in the services section of your GMB profile but you sure can’t use it as your name. 

Now, just how many leads has this person taken from you if you had a chance at a legitimate local pack spot or even a knowledge panel of your own? 

I assure you, it’s a lot. 

And remember, this is just one market I’m using as an example. This is happening in practically every market in the country.

You can’t let this happen to your real estate company. 

You must spam fight on a regular basis to keep spam out of your area. We fight spam at my agency every month. 

If you want a free Google My Business Analysis just fill out our form on the homepage of our website, and I’ll be happy to see how you stack up in your local pack. 


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