This Winter, Stay Warm and Keep the Bills Down

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Fall is here, and that means winter is coming. Watching snowflakes fall gently from the sky can be a lovely thing to watch, but the cold season will give you shivers unless you prepare properly.


When you head outside, you need to be bundled up in a hat, scarf, boots and proper winter jacket. But when you’re inside, your home needs to be able to keep out the cold. Please keep reading for a few ideas to stay warm in winter and keep your utility bills low.


Replacement Windows


Modern windows are much more efficient at keeping the cold air from entering the home and keeping the warm air in. There are many replacement options from Centennial Windows that are ENERGY STAR® certified and backed by generous long-term warranties.


Choose from various styles, sizes, and colours to match any décor or sensibility. The most efficient way to keep the home warm is by preventing the cold air from ever getting inside. Your monthly utilities bill will drop in price considerably.


Plus, windows with modern efficiency reduce your carbon footprint, as they lower the amount of hydro required for consumption from power plants. Look for a company whose trained technicians will ensure you’re satisfied with the entire process, from the time they’re built to the final installation.


Wear Warm Sweaters


Wearing warm clothing indoors during winter might not be a fancy way to stay warm, but it’s a fool-proof path to comfort and costs you nothing in utilities. Sometimes it feels like modern technology is so effortlessly powerful that it feels natural to wear shorts in winter in a heated home and pants in summer in a home with central air.


It makes more sense to dress for the season and spare your HVAC system from working overtime. You’ll love how much money it saves you every month.


Ceiling Fan in Reverse Direction


Ceiling fans do a lot more than just cool you down in summer. If you set it to spin at a low speed in a clockwise direction, your ceiling fan will pull the cool air upwards.


Normally warm air rises, but this will reverse the process and keep your home warmer at a lower cost.


Eat and Drink for the Season


You will feel warmer in winter if you eat and drink seasonal food and beverages. Hearty stews or chilli will warm you up from the inside out.


Drinking mulled wine or a warm winter cocktail like a hot toddy will have the same effect. Modern technology can work wonderfully in many ways. But if you’re looking to keep the utility bills down, use the same methods to warm up that people used before utilities bills existed.


Winter is not far around the corner, but that doesn’t mean you need to fear the frigid season ahead. Just take care to prepare your home and line up clothing and ingredients for warmth, and your winter will be nice and cozy, and your bills will be low.

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