4 Unique Ways to Calm Your Mind for a Better Night's Sleep

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We all know the standard ways to wind down at night. Drink a cup of tea or watch a relaxing show before we hit the sack.



But what about unique ways, that are much more effective? 


Here are four activities you can do before bed to prime yourself for your best night's sleep.


1. Do a Brain Dump

A brain dump consists of writing all of your thoughts down on a piece of paper until your restlessness from the day begins to ease. Do you struggle with racing thoughts? This is incredibly therapeutic because it gets your spiraling thoughts out of your mind and onto a piece of paper, thereby giving it less control over you.


2. Try Night Affirmations

Your thoughts are EVERYTHING. So, make them positive before you call it in for the night. It's not about suppressing the negative (which only makes it bigger). It's about training your mind to think better.

Here are a few affirmations:

  • I am thankful for all of the blessings and lessons in my day.
  • I worked hard today and deserve to rest.
  • Tomorrow I will wake with a positive attitude.

Check out these positive sleep affirmations for more!


3. Create a To-Do List & a Not To-Do List

Often, we can't let go of the day until we have our activities planned out for the following day. But, also keep in mind what should be on your not to-do list! Those are the things you will NOT be indulging in for the following day, such as rambling meetings, pointless housecleaning tasks, and negative social media.


4. Bedtime Stretching

Almost all of us could benefit from light stretching, and it's a great activity before bed to relax your muscles. So, take five minutes before you shut out the lights and find basic stretches and yoga moves to make your body feel good.


In Conclusion

Creating a simple wind-down routine takes only a few minutes and can do wonders for your quality of sleep.

What do you do before bed? Does it promote healthy sleep? And can you try any of the activities above to prime your body for a better night?


"Without enough sleep we all become tall two-year olds." - JoJo Jensen

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John Pusa
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Hello Jennifer, very valuable list of tips to calm a mind for a better a night's sleep.

Oct 08, 2020 07:47 PM