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As we are now officially in the fall season, real estate continues to be extremely busy. Homebuyers are looking for homes and there is very little inventory. Interest rates continue to be competitive and it is an excellent time to consider purchasing a property. Real estate bloggers across the country continue to share relevant real estate information with you all to help you stay educated during your real estate transaction. I hope you enjoy this month's edition of the Best Real Estate Articles.

9 Ways to Manage Cold Feet When Buying A Home

If you are considering purchasing a home, then it is not unusual to get cold feet about different parts of the home buying process. Ryan Fitzgerald has written an excellent post about 9 Ways to Manage Cold Feet When Buying A Home. In this article, Ryan explains that cold feet generally come from buyers worrying about their finances.  It can be a very thrilling time, but also it can elicit certain fear along the way. He suggests making a pros and cons list of the benefits of buying versus renting. Include information about must-have versus wants. This is a detailed resource about how to allay fears during the home buying process.

What Does Highest and Best Mean When Making an Offer?

When you are considering making an offer in a competitive buying environment, it is important to understand What Does Highest and Best Mean When Making an Offer? Check out the post on Newport Beach Real Estate Cafe about when there is a multiple offer situation, a listing agent may let all the buyer's agents know that the buyers need to submit the highest and best offer. Keep in mind, it is NOT always the purchase price. There are other terms including shortening a contingency period, which if it can be shortened it should be to demonstrate to the seller that you are serious about the transaction. Other factors include the earnest money deposit can be increased to show the seller that the buyer has some skin in the game. Check out this post to understand what does highest and best mean is in a multiple offer situation.

What is Earnest Money Deposit for Buyers?

Kevin Vitali has written an excellent article about Earnest Money Deposit for Buyers. In the article, he provides the definition of earnest money and provides buyers an understanding of what that means. An earnest money deposit is extremely part of the offer. And it is important to a seller in contract negotiations as it demonstrates how serious a buyer is when making an offer. Keep in mind, a seller is not going to take their home off the market if there is zero earnest money. It is too risky that a buyer could walk away from the purchase with no ramifications. This article also provides the difference between earnest money and down payment.

Difference Between Virtual Staging and Traditional Staging

If you are selling a vacant home then it is important to consider staging the home. It is important as buyers cannot often differentiate the rooms from one another, and how they are utilized. Danny Margagliano has written a detailed article about The Difference Between Virtual Staging and Traditional Staging. In the article, Danny provides the definition of both types of staging. With virtual staging, a photographer will take photos of all of the rooms in a home, then virtual stagers utilize software to add furnishings to a home. The downside of course is that when a buyer comes to view the property, none of those furnishings will be present in the home!

Who Is Involved in a Real Estate Transaction When Buying a Home?

If you want to understand who the parties are to a real estate transaction, then this article is a must-read. Michelle Gibson has written an excellent article Who Is Involved in a Real Estate Transaction When Buying a Home? In this detailed article, you will find information about who the parties to the transaction are including the seller, buyer, loan officer, listing agent, buyer's agent, escrow officer, and more. If a buyer is obtaining a loan, then the lender will be ordering an appraisal and there will also be an appraiser. Other people involved include your home inspector, as they will be one who is inspecting a home that may uncover defects in the home that a buyer needs to be made aware of. This is an excellent post about who the parties are in a real estate transaction.

Staging Your Home to Sell for the Most Money in the Shortest Time

If you are considering selling your home, then be sure to check out this article written by Vicki Moore. Staging Your Home to Sell. In the article, she discusses how to depersonalize the home so that a buyer can imagine themselves living there. You can achieve that by putting away personal photos and family photos so visitors spend more time looking at the house versus any personal effects. Staging the home allows buyers to see how the rooms are utilized and this makes a difference. Even if you do not stage the whole home, it is a good idea to stage some rooms like the living area, kitchen, master bedroom, and bathroom. This is an excellent article on staging and it is important as you want the home to be appealing to the masses.

Things to Know About Real Estate Listing Contracts

A seller may be considering selling their home and utilizing an exclusive listing agreement. The agreement prevents the seller from hiring another agent to try and sell the property within a stipulated number agreed upon in the listing agreement. Bill Gassett has written an excellent post about What to Know About Real Estate Listing Contracts over at Huliq.  In the article, he discusses the details of an exclusive listing, and that if it is not listed in the MLS then the listing agent will have the full responsibility of finding a buyer for the home without any other agent working on it. If you are considering signing an exclusive listing agreement, then be sure to check out this detailed article.

Reasons To Buy A Home In The Fall

Fall is not officially upon us although in some parts of the country we continue to have very warm weather. Luke Skar has written an excellent article about the Reasons To Buy A Home In The Fall. In Luke's article, he explains how the number of people looking at homes starts to drop off and there may be fewer buyers looking at a home. However, the people that are looking are going to be more serious. Other important facts are that sellers are going to take a closer look at offers that are coming in and perhaps provide a reasonable counteroffer. The pending holidays may be beneficial and people enjoy decorating their homes for the fall holidays. Having tasteful decorations during the fall season will be inviting to buyers and shows the home will be inviting. Excellent reasons for selling your home during the fall season.

Where Should A Home Be Listed For Sale?

The best way to obtain maximum marketing for a home is to list the home with a local qualified real estate agent who will list it within their local Multiple Listing Service.  The MLS then will syndicate to other third party sites such as shares that listing Realtor dot com, Zillow, Trulia, and others.  Paul Sian has written a very detailed article about Where Should A Home Be Listed For Sale?  The seller will be looking to get the highest and best price for their home. It is important to be able to have multiple showings as the more showings that you get, the more likely it will be likely you will get more offers. Most homes are sold by having them listed in the local MLS.  Real estate agents network with each other, lenders, and other professionals which will provide maximum exposure for your home.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you enjoyed the Top Real Estate Articles for September 2020. Top bloggers across the country continue to provide education on a variety of topics from moving, storage, staging, and much more. The goal is to help to prepare you for your next real estate transaction. Please let us know what you would like covered in the future!

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