You Sank My Website!

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Ok, you have finished setting up your real estate website. It's optimized. You took the time to submit your site to the major search engines among other things. Good job.

Now before you pour that glass of wine or crack open a beer, think about the 1200 great flyers you sent out telling potential clients to visit your website. Not to mention, half of the 275 friends you have on Myspace may visit your professional website because you have a hyper link that directs them to it.

What's the problem? You may not have planned for success. More people than your website hosting plan can handle may visit your website - Putting it out of commission. After this happens, potential clients may see a message that says; "user has exceeded bandwidth" instead of seeing your wonderful website.

What is bandwidth? Bandwidth is the term used to denote the amount of data that has been transferred from your web space to the computers of your visitors. Put simply, bandwidth is the amount of data that flows across a network wire in a given period of time. This time period is usually one month in the web hosting business. Because web hosting providers are charged monthly for their huge broadband internet connection, the cost is passed on to the consumer in the price for their individual web hosting plan. Bandwidth is a delicate matter for a successful web presence, so you should you at least estimate the bandwidth needs of your web site. Be warned, you can estimate it, but you can never be sure of your estimate being perfectly correct because of all the variables involved. I have included a link to a free online bandwidth calculator for those who are interested. All I am saying is you may want to consider bandwidth when choosing a website hosting provider. Feel free to ask me questions about this stuff.

As real estate professionals, we have enough headaches. Planning will help keep your website from being one of those headaches. Now if you will excuse me, a beer sounds pretty good...

I almost forgot. Here is the link to the free bandwidth calculator.

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