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Exasperating times, Eh?

In times like these, we are quintessentially poised to do AMAZING work on ourselves and our relationships. Rise to these challenges.

Embrace these opportunities to take stock in who we are individually and collectively. Mayhem, turmoil, CHAOS reduce pretty much everything in our experience to rubble.

It's time to circle the wagons, re-supply, and spend some quality time noodling the largest question of them . . . WHY?

Yeah! It's time for us to self-organize and make lemonade with these lemons.

A good start might be opting in to my Invitation for you to explore your own personal Life Rhythm.

This isn't "Life Balance" . . . It's better than that.

Each of the next 6 Wednesdays (Beginning 10/14/2020) from 10:00- 12 (Or when it's over), we will meet virtually (Zoom).

This Life Rhythm workshop is a participatory workshop that has potential to significantly improve your (and your family's) quality of life . . . because we're going to learn what it means to "take care of yourself FIRST such that you CAN then take care of others.

This first session asks BIG questions . . . Helps you identify roles in life, what and who are VITAL to you and introduces a very palatable way of re-wiring your mind to be more healthy with a comfortable way of having the accountability necessary to positively effect substantive, lasting change in your life.

10/21 "Budgeting" your time and energy

10/28 Working IN your Business

11/04 Working ON your Business

11/11 Working on YOURSELF

11/18 Putting it all together and COMMENCEMENT of your newfound life rhythm

And it's virtual, so you can participate from wherever you are in the world - FREE

Here's a link to the Facebook event

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Myrl Jeffcoat
Sacramento, CA
Greater Sacramento Realtor - Retired

"Mayhem, turmoil, CHAOS reduce pretty much everything in our experience to rubble."  

Truer words haven't been spoken!

Oct 12, 2020 07:00 PM