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It's been an interesting few months for most of us, I know. My kids are back in school and adjusting pretty well to this new phase we are in.
I *like most people) am spending more time in my home office.
A few years ago I updated our home office. It was at the time my biggest pet peeve of a room. Who would have known that I would be spending so much time in my office?

When we moved into our current home, the previous owners had left their 15 year old teeny tiny stackable washer and dryer set in the mudroom.  The mudroom is not a huge room to begin with and even with the smallest stackable washer and dryer known to man in there it was feeling extra tight.


I am assuming to get more space in the mudroom the previous owners also had installed a washer and dryer hookup in the room next to the mudroom and at one point had their washer and dryer in there. 


This room was intended to be an office and has pretty french doors leading to it. Not my ideal location for a washer and dryer. We ended up donating the extra small washer and dryer set. There was no way our washer and dryer was going to fit in the mudroom without some light demo work so we set up our washer and dryer in that front room. And for over a year I have hated it.


I really had no other budget friendly options and hated the idea of taking up more space in the mud room. With three kids, a room dedicated to just mud is heavenly. So for one year I pinned so many ideas on Pinterest... from making a closet to house the washer and dryer, to barn doors, to making a cabinet for just the washer and dryer, to hanging curtains from the ceiling to hide the washer and dryer.


So many ideas, however...I am not a carpenter and I knew that most of those ideas would involve blood. I also wanted this room to be a dedicated room for the kids to do their homework as well as a home office space for me. For one whole year my mind was everywhere and this room just sat looking like a storage room.


And then one day it just came to me. 


You can see my small home office makeover here.

Small home office


I was pretty content with the room for a while but I knew I wanted to spice it up some. And I knew exactly where I had to go....IKEA.

One of my favorite stores of all times. My home office makeover 2.0 was brought to you by IKEA. You can see my IKEA home office here.

IKEA Home Office

I am so glad I took the time to decorate this space. It is being used quite a bit!

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