5 Home Based Virtual Assistant Jobs (use the skill you already have)

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With the new world we are in, post COVID-19 (although I am not sure we are out of the woods yet…), home based virtual assistant jobs are in high demand, more than ever before. 

If your income has been reduced by the pandemic or lost your job, home based virtual assistant jobs might be an area to explore… The best part is, there are so many services you can offer simply using the skills you already have. 

Why home based virtual assistant jobs? 

The pandemic has put the global economy at a deep recession. Businesses are looking at reducing cost while still getting work done. Cutting out the fixed overhead, and only hiring contractors for specific jobs is one of the effective solutions. 


This is exactly where home based virtual assistant jobs come in. 


In fact, VA jobs are particularly attractive to small businesses. By hiring home based VAs, business owners have a much bigger talent pool globally, meanwhile, the VAs can work from the comfort of their homes anywhere in the world and have the flexibility to work for one or multiple clients. 


Additionally, with the constraint of COVID-19, online business are booming, which leads to increasing demand in supporting these online businesses. 


This all presents opportunities for you to make extra income while staying at home. 

How much does a Virtual Assistant Make? 

Because there are so many different services you can offer as a home-based virtual assistant, the hourly rate differs from job to job. 

As a rule of thumb, the more general type of VA, the lower the hourly rate. However, if your skills are more specialised, clients are willing to pay for much more. 


Experience also matters. The more experienced you are, the higher you will be able to charge. 


Many new VAs start around $20/hr, and the rate can potentially reach $100+/hr for experienced niche VAs. 


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5 types of home based virtual assistant jobs you can do using the skills you already have: 

An Administrative VA: 

Traditionally this is the most recognised assistant role. While the job may vary from client to client, the aim is to make your client’s life easier. 


If you are task-driven, organised, and thrive on checking off to-do lists, an admin VA job might be perfect for you. 


An administrative VA job is on the low end of the paying scale, but it’s one of those roles that you can start right away. 


Services you can offer are: 

  • Manage your client’s calendar/schedule

  • Booking appointments and calls

  • Manage voice mail

  • Preparing slideshows

  • Entering data

  • Making travel arrangements

  • Managing files 

  • Personal online shopping

  • Preparing meeting agenda

  • Creating reports

A Pinterest VA: 

If an administrative VA is one of the traditional VA jobs, a Pinterest virtual assistant is the new kid on the block. 


Pinterest has become a popular marketing platform for small businesses. 


So if you enjoy hanging out on Pinterest, and love creating digital visuals, you can put your passion to work by helping other small businesses (while getting paid well for it). 


A Pinterest VA is a specialised role, therefore often get paid at the higher end of the VA pay scale. However, good training will really help to fast track your success.


As a Pinterest VA, the following are the services you can offer (but not limited to): 

  • Setting up Pinterest business accounts

  • Creating pins using Canva, Adobe or other services/software

  • Schedule pins for clients

  • Keyword research on Pinterest

  • Pinning relevant content 

A Social Media VA: 

If visual creation is not for you, but you enjoy other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc., a social media VA is another popular and well-paid option. 


This could also be a progression for someone who is already in an admin. VA role. 


Being a social media VA, responsibilities may include (but not limited to): 

  • Setting up Facebook accounts, groups, pages

  • Promote content on social media

  • Interacting with communities on social media platforms

  • Creating and running ad campaigns

  • Setting up social scheduling tools

  • Upload on content on social media

  • Increase engagement and followers on different social platforms

A Technical VA: 

A technical VA role is for a special type of breed. Those who love and are good at the geeky side of the online world such as designing and building websites, coding etc. 


If you already have these skills, trust me, you will be on high demand and can charge big bucks for it. 


Here are some common services that the clients are looking for: 

  • Building websites

  • Maintaining website

  • Managing backups

  • Installing and updating plugins

  • Setting up online shops

  • Customizing WordPress themes

  • Setting up social media integrations

  • Fix broken links

  • Increasing website speed 

An Email marketing VA

As online marketing is booming, email marketing is one of the most lucrative methods businesses use to monetize. If you are gifted with writing, copywriting in particular, an email marketing VA can be your next profitable side hustle. 


As an email marketing VA, you will be looking at providing services like: 

  • Setting up email autoresponders

  • Create email newsletter schedules

  • Write the newsletter content

  • Segment email list 

  • Designing email templates  

A Virtual Project Manager

A virtual project manager helps clients bring a project from the start to finish - on time. So if you are naturally blessed with mad organizational skills, good at keeping things/people on track to focus on the end goal and effective communicator, a virtual project manager is perfect for you. 


Virtual assistant queen - Gina Horkey has an amazing course that helped many to cash in their naturally blessed project management skills. 

Final Thought on Home Based Virtual Assistant Jobs

So here you have it - 5 home based virtual assistant jobs that you can use the skills you already have. For some specialised VA jobs, it might help with a good training course to fast track your success. Not only you will polish the technical side of things, but the more valuable lessons are to teach you how to attract clients, market yourself, and run a successful business. 



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