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When decorating a home, many people choose to include Oriental rugs. Their design, texture, and color complement furniture, floors, walls, and other design elements. They provide insulation and warmth against the cold, help muffle unwanted sounds and noises, and prevent slipping.

Many people feel the rugs are hard to clean. The truth is people just have to know how to clean them. Oriental rugs are often quite old. They require special care. When vacuuming, it is advised to put a nylon screen over the rug. Vacuum over the net. It is also recommended for Westchester homeowners to have professional carpet cleaners clean the Oriental rugs at least once per year. 

Why Hire a Professional Rug Cleaner in Westchester?

Home care cleaning methods lessen the presence of debris and dirt in rug and carpet material. If you choose to clean an Oriental rug yourself, knowing the right cleaning techniques is of importance. You take a risk of causing damage to a rug or carpet.

Improper cleaning causes curling, shrinking, and color fading. Hiring professional rug and carpet cleaners ensures they are treated and cleaned correctly. The professional removes deep-seated dirt and hard-to-remove stains restores the rug or carpet material's vibrancy and extends its lifespan.

The technicians are well-trained for the job. Commercial cleaning services have products designed especially for Oriental rugs. They can provide useful tips and advice on the proper maintenance of Oriental rugs.

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Professional Oriental Rug Cleaning Process

First, the rug is measured, inspected, and identified. While inspecting, problems, stains, and damage are recorded for the professional's and the homeowner's records. A test for dye transfer and pH are conducted to ensure the proper cleaning products are used.

A standard household vacuum should be used for routine care of a rug. However, deeply embedded soils, sand, and grit that can permanently damage or detract from the rug's luster are not removed. Professionals employ a high-impact dusting system, that ensures the removal of hidden soils. The amount of embedded dirt is sometimes surprising.

Then it is time to pre-treat the areas documented. If pet stains that are often deep within the fibers are an issue, the invisible urine salts are neutralized and flushed out. After all the spots have been treated, it is time for a bath.

A custom-made blend of in-house cleaning agents is utilized to provide the bath for the specific type of rug being cleaned. A rotary machine ensures a deep scrubbing, unparalleled by consumer-grade machines. 

A hot water vacuum rinse is performed. At this stage, any dirt that was in the rug is long gone. A follow-up grooming process safeguards that an outdoor racking system benefits greatly from all the fibers standing tall and providing a deep universal dry.

An optional conditioning and sealing process is available after drying, which aids in protecting the rug from topical damage and stains in the future. As a final step, the rug is packaged for delivery and sealed in a deodorizing sheet to provide a light and pleasant fragrance. A great looking rug should also smell great.

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