First Magnus / StoneWater Mortgage (prominent Tucson lender)

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Congress Realty is a very active listing properties for a flat fee in Tucson, Arizona.  As such, we actively follow the local real estate market and related stories.  The Arizona Star (registration required) recently posted a very intriguing story about the founders of First Magnus (Great Southwest Mortgage) starting another mortgage company called StoneWater Mortgage.  The executives were basically blasted in the comments by a variety of parties.  Sometimes someone would make a comment in favor of them, such as pointing out that it was a privately-held company, thus it was the executives themselves whose equity in the business was wiped out.  This started some serious counter-flaming activity.  I think the article is an interesting read.

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Has Stonewater opened their doors for business yet?

Jun 21, 2008 09:33 AM