When is your baby no longer a baby?

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Well,  My "baby" turned 8 years old today!   She is the youngest of my brood and I never found myself lamenting over any of the others as they grew I recall,  I rejoiced!!

 You know,  all this was brought on by a cutie pie 11 month old at a walk through today!!  He was so adorable with his babble and attempt at first steps!  Watching him caused me to reflect on so many times when I would just marval at my own babies' attempts at 'growing up'.

Being the sweet thing that she is, she only wants ONE thing for her birthday.  In her words, "mommy, I only want one thing for my birthday, and you dont have to get it if you dont want to.  I would be ok with nothing if you dont want to get this.....I would like an MP3 player"

ahem....  did you catch the mature thought in that line?    She would gladly take NOTHING if i cant get her the MP3!!   Was that a tad bit of manipulation/guilt trip from a 7yo?!

Does this mark the end of her innocence and the loss of the 'baby' age? 

I guess with my oldest almost done with college, I should be thinking toward grandchildren...more babies...and continue to marval at my own children as they struggle into adulthood through puberty and childhood!



ps....she is getting an MP3 player