Vital Tips That Can Help You Rent Out a Property Quickly on a Budget

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Renting out a property in uncertain times is not easy. While rental property owners aren’t happy about reducing prices, renters have less income. Meanwhile, everyone has to follow physical distancing rules. In such circumstances, you need to think outside the box to rent out a property quickly.


#1 Focus on Curb Appeal


Curb appeal is the first thing potential tenants notice when they arrive at a rental property, and it’s the last thing they remember when they leave. You don’t have to break the bank to boost curb appeal. Some small but meaningful improvements can significantly enhance the look of a stand-alone house or a townhome.


  • A fresh coat of paint: You don’t have to paint the entire house. Give the front door a fresh coat of paint. A striking red can improve the appeal for younger tenants, while paler colours can charm older renters.  
  • A clean driveway: A driveway given a good scrub and some polish can look appealing to renters with vehicles.
  • A decluttered yard: When improving curb appeal, many people forget about the yard. However, tenants don’t forget, especially those with families. An overgrown yard with debris, weeds, leaves, and broken branches will discourage most people from renting a house. 
  • A freshly mowed lawn: While the property doesn’t have to be manicured by a landscaping artist, it should be freshly cut to enhance a house’s curb appeal.


Other cost-effective ways to improve curb appeal is to add a new mailbox, upgrade the house numbers, and change the outdoor fixtures.


#2 Don’t Forget About Staging


Staging is a meaningful way to impress any renter. Start by cleaning and decluttering the home. Paint the walls if necessary. Remove all personal effects such as photographs, clothes, fridge art, and more to de-personalize the house. Also, take the opportunity to complete repairs and maintenance. Research to find other cost-effective ways to stage like a professional.


#3 Try Virtual Showings 


During these times, virtual showings are an excellent way to give renters a taste of the rental property from a distance. Start by strategically planning the house tour in order to help you highlight the strengths of the property. Remember to pick a showing time when the house looks exceptionally well lit.


Treat a virtual showing like any other showing and be prepared to respond to all queries. Make sure your broadcasting device is completely charged and fully operational ahead of time. Pick a device that can broadcast at a high resolution and improve the connectivity in the home.


While virtual showings are effective, they can also be challenging. You should partner with an experienced and well-reviewed apartment rental company that excels at virtual showings. An experienced company will take the right photographs that offer a charming yet realistic impression of the home. Likewise, select a property management company that boasts a powerful platform. Their market reach may help you rent out the rental property faster.


You don’t have to spend a lot of money to rent out a home. By being creative and proactive, you can leave the right impression on a potential renter. If all else fails, partner with professionals that can help you match with the right tenant.

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Will Hamm
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Hello Caprice, Great information to share with us here in the Rain.  Make it a great Real Estate day!


Oct 21, 2020 08:36 AM