5 Improvements to Increase the Value of Your Home

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Your home is probably the biggest investment of your life, so taking care of it should be your responsibility. The good news is that you can actually increase the value of your house by undertaking a couple of repairs and upgrades.

If you are thinking about selling your house in the near future, or you just want to increase its market value and comfort of living at the same time, there are a few tricks and small renovations that can help you achieve your goal efficiently. Here is everything you need to know. 

Improve Curb Appeal

There is only one chance for the perfect first impression, and the very first thing your potential buyers or visitors will see is the exterior of your house. A great idea to improve the curb appeal of your home is to repaint your doors or buy a modern awning from awnings London to add a little more character to your exterior. Take care of the landscaping in front of your house. Green grass and a couple of beautiful plants will also make a difference and make your house appear more valuable. 

New Lights

Quality lighting is crucial when you try to showcase your home's best features. This is most important when there isn’t much natural light inside your house. Upgrading your light features is relatively easy and inexpensive. Switch to LED lights and add a couple of LED strips to highlight some of the most beautiful parts of your flat, and the value of your home will increase. Modern lighting can make your house feel larger and more luxurious.

Smart Home Technology

There are a couple of smart home devices that can significantly increase the value of your house with only a small investment. When people search for a new house, true for young people especially, they look for smart home technologies and if the house includes them, the value of the property in their eyes grows. Start your smart home journey by buying a smart thermostat or a smart home security camera and build your way up to a fully smart house from there. 

Refresh the Interior by Repainting

Nothing will make a bigger difference than refreshed walls. If you keep them clean and repaint them every few years, the value of your house will not even remain constant, it will increase. We all want to buy or have things that are tidy and well taken care of, and when it comes to a house, walls can tell you a lot about its state and value. Choose colours that are either in fashion or timeless. 

Improve Energy-Efficiency

Every single time you replace a household appliance, make sure to buy the new ones with the most modern energy-efficient features. The most valuable property, these days at least, is considered eco-friendliness. You can also consider adding smart power strips to lower your energy bills and upgrade your interior. However, the one renovation that can really increase the value of your home is windows replacement. New, double-glazed windows are what you need to get a high price for your house while reducing energy waste. 

Final Words

These are the top five tips and tricks to significantly increase the value of your home without requiring a lot of investment. Start with one small renovation and add a new feature now and then. This way, your house will always flourish and many people will be ready to give a pretty high price for it. 

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Barbara Todaro
RE/MAX Executive Realty - Retired - Franklin, MA
Previously Affiliated with The Todaro Team

5 good points for homeowners to pay attention to.... remember, "the eye buys"....

Oct 22, 2020 04:52 AM
Kristin Johnston - REALTOR®
RE/MAX Realty Center - Waukesha, WI
Giving Back With Each Home Sold!

Great information.  Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day!

Nov 11, 2020 07:39 AM