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Ever entertained the idea of sprucing up your outside to make your home more pleasing to the eye? Or perhaps increasing a home's value or maybe thinking of re-selling to downsize? Landscaping is the very first thing a prospected buyer looks at when approaching your property.  One sure trick to having a perfect lawn is to landscape. You can do it yourself affordable and easy without renting heavy machinery to dig holes by purchasing bare-root trees and shrubs to plant and save 600-800% simply by purchasing plants without a container or the soil.

Tennessee Wholesale Nursery sells trees for a fraction of the cost of most online or garden center retailers and they ship to everyone. Their cost of trees and shrubs are $11.99 to $23.99.

Below are some examples of very popular trees, shrubs, and other garden plants that help the outside appearance of a home for reselling or overall beauty.


Red Maple Trees - They are fast-growing, have vibrant fall foliage, and reach a towering height of near 60 feet at maturity.

 Red Maple trees add a vibrant splash of color.

Pine Trees are year-round green in color, fast-growing trees, and make good living fences as well as noise reducers for those homeowners that live near busy streets. They reach 40-50 feet in height.


Pine Trees

Tulip Poplar Trees is a fast-growing autumn colored tree that is very hardy in most soils and zones and grows straight even when planted on slopes and hillsides.

Tulip poplar trees attract pollinators.

Privet Shrub Plants are highly sought after for living fences, privacy hedges, and topiary designs. They are elegant, simple, and yet sophisticated enough to plant near mansions and near lush gardens.

Privets are robust evergreen shrubs that thrive in virtually every part of the US.

Honeysuckle Vining Plant is a favorite of many due to its highly aromatic fragrance and the ability to climb fences, trellises, and porch posts.

Honeysuckle plants prefer full sun, but will tolerate partial sun, and even some light, afternoon shade.

Old Fashioned Wild Blackberry Bush is a favorite and a best-seller also! It's still got its thorns but the taste is out of this world because it's Mother Natures's own treasure. Man has hybridized plants, especially berry plants to be larger and also produce more fruit only to kill the deep sweet authentic taste of them in their natural state. But Tennessee Wholesale Nursery has the wild old fashioned blackberry plants.

Blackberry Plants can be used for bordering shrubs.

Giant Ostrich Ferns are also great plants in addition to trees, shrubs, perennials, and vining plants. Ferns are excellent for borders, property boundary lines, and shade areas where little else will thrive. They also thrive near moisture making them very sought after in upscale landscaping.

Giant Ostrich Fern

Mosses also look amazing when planted in areas of high moisture and shaded areas. It stays lush and green year-round, protects the soil, prohibits weeds in gardens, and also cleans up stagnant water and areas of mosquitoes.


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