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Would you like to enter the luxury real estate market or expand your existing luxury portfolio?


If the answer is yes - or even maybe -, you can use the usually slow winter months and take the 12-Week Luxury Real Estate Traing Course by Janie Coffey. The cost can not be an issue with this exclusive offer and with the 30-day money back guarantee she offers:


RealBird and ActiveRain members can now join the course for a one-time fee of only $149.


This is an exclusive, special offer available in the next 24-hours only.


How much do you save?

  • Janie's live course that was attended by hundreds cost $1,997
  • She made the recordings of the live course available as a self-paced course for $297
  • And now with this RealBird special offer, you can watch all the training and participate in the mastermind group for only $147 


That's a savings of $1,850 over the live course and $150 over the regular list price of this recorded course.


You can join in the next 24 hours for only $147 via this link


What is the 12-week luxury real estate training course about?

The 12-Week Luxury Real Estate Course consists of 12 core classes that cover everything from the mental mindset of a luxury agent, through farming for and marketing luxury listings, price strategy, growing your team and many many more topics. Each video class is approximately an hour and a half long and was recorded live with my previous live course participants. Below is the list of the topics of each class. 

  • Week 1 - Mythbusting, Mindset and Powering Up
  • Bonus Session - Top 10 Things to do in the Holidays to Boost your Business in the New Year 
  • Bonus Session - How to determine the top 1, 5 and 10% of your market
  • Week 2 - Farming for Luxury Real Estate
  • Week 3 - Sphere of Influence Marketing for Luxury Real Estate
  • Week 4 - Expireds for Luxury Real Estate
  • Bonus Session - Guided Visualization for Success
  • Week 5 - Marketing the Listing in Luxury Real Estate
  • Week 6 - Growth Planning, Teams, VAs and More
  • Week 7 - The Materials of the Luxury Agent
  • Week 8 - Niche Marketing for Luxury Real Estate
  • Week 9 - Creating Amazing Experiences and Expectations for Clients
  • Week 10 - Everything About Price!
  • Week 11 - Finances, Numbers, Costs
  • Bonus Session - With Colton Lindsey on Financial Freedom 
  • Week 12 - All About Brand (yours and your brokerage’s)

Join in the next 24 hours for only $147, (with a 30-day money back guarantee)



This course is fully endorsed by us at and we are grateful for Janie to provide such a special  one-time deal for RealBird members.



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