Maple Grove, MN: IRS Notices U might come across if U owe back taxes

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I represent taxpayers in Maple Grove, Minnesota and all the 50 States in the United State before all administrative levels—examination, collection, and appeals—of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

The IRS sends out several notices to taxpayers. In this blog, I want to talk about notices you might get if you owe back taxes or have issues with your tax return. This is a brief explanation of the notices.


 IRS2006 Notice 

The IRS has received the information you sent to them. They are still researching the issue. They typically advise that it will be another 60 days to let you know what action they are taking. Please review the notice carefully and note the year and form. You do not need to respond to this notice.  


CP90 Notice 

The IRS has sent this notice to inform the taxpayer that they intend to levy on certain assets.The taxpayer has a balance due on their account that the IRS has previously sent a notice about. That balance due is still unpaid, and the IRS intends to levy on certain assets. However, the taxpayer can appeal the levy of their assets by requesting a Collection Due Process hearing within 30 days from the date of the notice. You have 30 days to request a Collection Due Process hearing.


CP91 Notice  Final Notice Before Levy on Social Security Benefits

The taxpayer has a balance due on their account and the IRS previously sent a notice about it. That balance due is still unpaid. The IRS sent a CP91 to inform the Taxpayer that the amount is still due, and the IRS intends to take up to 15% of their Social Security Benefits to pay it.  You have 30 days to file an appeal under the (CAP) Collection Appeal Program.


 CP2005 Notice 

The information you provided to the IRS resolved the tax issue in question and the inquiry is now closed.  If other notices are received regarding this issue they can be disregarded, however please read the notices carefully as they may relate to another tax owed. Review the notice carefully and note the year and form.


If you or someone you know have received any of the above notices, please feel free to contact me at by email at


Joe Alabi EA MAcct(Taxation)

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