Do You Have Questions as a Landlord?

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There are many new rules for landlords to know.

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There is a ton of new legislation and rules for landlords, and we’re receiving quite a few questions about them. Many landlords would like to sell their property but have tenants living there. Recently, Governor Newsom came out with new laws and guidelines saying that you cannot give notice to a tenant during the pandemic unless there’s just cause, even if their term is ending. Wanting to sell your house is not just cause.

We manage over 300 properties with HBR Rentals, so we understand the stress of the constantly changing rules. At the beginning of the health crisis, it seemed like the rules changed hourly, but things have calmed down some. You likely still have many questions: Can you raise rent right now? What is the formula for raising the rent? Can you evict a tenant because they’re not paying rent? What do you do if a tenant has the coronavirus?


"You cannot give notice to a tenant during
the pandemic unless there’s just cause."


Especially right now, knowing the law is paramount to avoid being sued; you can’t claim ignorance of the law. We want to make sure you’re protected and stay within the laws.

If you have questions about the current laws or real estate in general, please give us a call at (209) 834-2680 or send an email. If you’re trying to be a landlord all by yourself and you feel overwhelmed, we’d be more than glad to share our experience. If you need our help managing things, we’d be happy to assist you. Let us know how we can help.

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