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Are You Afraid Of Buying A House Because Of What You Don't Know?

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Are you afraid of approaching the real estate market because of what you don't know about mortgage financing. It's easy to be confused. Mortgage lending has a vocabulary all its own, with words like appraisal, ratios, debt-to-income, MIP, PMI, escrow, underwriter, and so on.

What you need is a forty-five minute initial appointment with an experienced loan officer like Markita Woods. The truth of the matter is, unless a customer has bought a house in the past, most of Markita's interaction is with newcomers to the market who need coaching.

The appointment is at no charge to you, and you will leave feeling educated, confident, and with a sense of clarity. You will get a map showing you the steps thrugh which your loan application will be processed.

You will also see lots of loan prograns that don't requure large down payments. You will see loan programs with 3% or 3.5% down payments. FHA has loan assistance programs that can drop your down payment to 1%.

If you are a military veteran, Markita is an expert in VA loans that require no down payments. VA loans typically give you an interest rate that is 0.5% lower than conventioal loans.

Some folks are worried about past problems on their credit reports. It may not be the big, bad Boogie Man that you think it is.

Markita will review a loan application with you, and tell you that you need, "2-2-2-2"; two recent paystubs, your last two month's bank statements, your last two year's W-2's, and your last two year's tax returns. If you are self-employed, you'll need a current profit & loss statement.

You will leave the appointment, you will feel confident and motivated. Even if you won't be buying a home right now, you'll know what to do to prepare your finances between then and now.

If your credit needs to be improved to qualify for a loan, Markita can tell you the exact steps to follow that will raise your credit score.

After one session with Markita you'll find out why she's called The Queen Of Mortgages.

Call or text Markita now to set aside some time for a visit, 703-929-2274. 

You'll be glad you took time to find out how many ways there are to buy a house.

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Understanding the mortgage process when buying, refinancing or other is a win win and only takes a few minutes to educate one-self.

Nov 02, 2020 04:31 AM