Rent vs Buy Analysis

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Renting costs you more per square foot than owning. Renting is especially expensive in the Washington DC market due to the lack of rental properties available.

Owning gives you SUBSTANTIAL tax breaks that you can take monthly as deductions on your W-4 tax form at work, and give you a tax return monthly because you're paying a mortgage instead of paying rent.

Does this sound familiar? But do you TRULY undestand it? Markita Woods at American Financial Network is offering FREE mortgage coaching that will give first time home buyers what you need to feel confident about buying a home.

Call Markita at 703-929-2274. 

There is no cost, and no obligation to do business with Markita.

Markita is known as The Queen of Mortgages. She's been helping nice folks like you buy homes in Northern Virginia for eighteen years, after he career as a professional basketball player with The Washington Mystics of the WNBA.

You'll find out that you don't need a huge down payment to get a home of your own. There are 3% down conventional loans, 3.5% down FHA government backed loans, and grants that will get you an FHA loan with just 1% down payment.

You may have a big pile of cash saved for a 20% down payment on a conventional loan. Markita can show you how you would be wise to put down the minimum down payment, and keep the bulk of your money in high-yield growth mutual funds. Why take money that is earning 7%-8% on average, cash it out, and use it to save 2.75% on a mortgage?

Are you a military veteran? Have you used your VA guaranteed zero down home loan in the past? If you have used it, Markita can show you how to use it again. If you haven't used your VA zero down loan yet, Markita can show you how to apply for your loan, buy a house, go to settlement, and get money back.

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