How This Scottsdale Couple Upsized in the Biggest Way Imaginable!

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     When my clients Brian and Rebecca Casull called me the summer of 2019 to let me know they wanted to buy a new house and sell the one they’d purchased almost 5 years before, I really wasn’t too surprised. They had downsized because that’s the normal thing to do when you are in your 70’s and looking to retire. There had been a number of surgeries for Rebecca; hips, knees, painful arthritic joint issues and just general health that wasn’t the best. Some life changes had also happened for their grown children, and two of them had moved back home for a while and space was tight. But mostly, this home that seemed suitable with some really nice updates they’d made just really wasn’t what they had in mind for long term after all. 

Brian and Rebecca

       As a physician, instead of retiring, Brian had gone back to work full time, able to work from home. Also inspiring them was Brian’s 90+ year old active uncle who had the kind of home and lifestyle in which they saw themselves. The smaller home also made it more challenging for this couple who loves to entertain their friends; cooking is a big thing and they are very musical and sing, play the piano, ukulele and have a grand time being the stars of the show, along with their amusing cockatoo Poppy.

      About the same time Brian and Rebecca were looking to again upsize their home, they started a new health and lifestyle plan that made them feel like they had a new lease on life and a lot of great years left to live.

       To sell their home we set a plan in action of when we’d need to sell their house so they could close on the new build and they followed everything to the letter with recommended item storage and staging solutions and we sold the house the first day on the market. Rebecca and Brian moved in with their daughter and her family for 3 months while their new home was being finished.

      And about their new health program? I was SO impressed when I saw Rebecca and Brian the winter of 2020 as I hadn’t seen them for over eight months. Their very slim appearance was shocking because they were completely different versions of themselves. Brian had lost 50 pounds and Rebecca, who isn’t quite 5-foot tall, lost 85 pounds!

Casulls before

      How did they do it? Rebecca said, “I had watched my daughter get smaller and smaller and develop a zest for life I had not seen in years!  I had tried a well-advertised diet plan that involved purchasing mostly frozen foods and said when I actually looked back at my weight loss, I realized I had lost and then gained the same two pounds over and over for a year.”  She convinced her physical therapist daughter to become her coach and once she started the program Rebecca says “I never looked back. It was convenient and easy to follow. Just eat my 6 small meals a day and drink my water. No exercise was required until my weight was in a safe range to do so.”

Family After

       Brian decided to follow the same program and with his success all their kids joined in.  They went from an overweight and unhealthy family to a slim, healthy family ready to take on new challenges with vim and vigor. Rebecca and Brian’s son lost 80 pounds, their two daughters lost 80 pounds and their other daughter who lives out of state lost 67 pounds. Rebecca says “we have all gained health benefits we thought impossible such as eliminating the need for medications, reversing diabetes and enjoying energy, better sleep and a more youthful outlook on life.”  Including her husband, herself and their four adult children they have lost 422 pounds!  Their success has been contagious with brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, a granddaughter and spouses of family members joining in.

      I had told Rebecca that I thought a newspaper or magazine should pick up their story and then I thought, why don’t I share it myself?  I am still astonished by how much healthier they all are and so happy for them! Anyone who knows me knows that eating healthy is a big part of my life, but as Rebecca says, there are many reasons why people have issues with food.  It isn’t just because they like food too much and there are many issues that have been carried around for years. When you have a strong enough “why” to change people will find a solution, she says. The reason could be just to feel better, have more energy, look better, improve relationships or have more success. 

Rebecca      Rebecca who is learning to add more healthy foods back to her diet to maintain her weight loss, currently at her goal weight for 2 months, says she has a whole new outlook on life and feels amazing.  She is paying the gift forward by becoming a certified health coach. Her business name is called Authentic Health.  With her bubbly, always positive personality she has not only inspired the family members to take their health to new levels, but she is inspiring others as well.

       An added bonus of all their weight loss?  The brand new, bigger house is something they know they’ll be able to enjoy for many years to come, cooking gourmet but healthy meals and happily and musically entertaining their friends and family.

     Rebecca agreed to share her email address and will be happy to talk to anyone who has questions about the program and lifestyle.  You can reach Rebecca at




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