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If all you had to do to prepare your house for autumn would be to hang the wreath and light pumpkin spice candles, everyone would do it. But sadly, these are the last things you can think about when you own a house and the cold season is close. With the change of season and the smell of fall in the air, there come many preparations. The days are shorts, the leaves crumbled on the ground, and the temperatures colder. Before you cuddle in front of the fireplace with a hot apple cider or a pumpkin spice latte, get your house ready for the cold days. 

Now is the perfect time to take care of the little things that will make a huge difference when the leaves fall from trees and frost lays on your windows. Most of the following tasks are in the average of your ability so that you can complete them with small expense and effort. But even if you decide to hire professionals, it's worth the investment because they can save your house's life and make your stay more comfortable during winter. 


Care for the gutters


Have you ever wondered how much water does your roof drainage system divert every year? During average autumn and winter, it redirects thousands of gallons of water from the roof to the house's exterior. It keeps the water away from the foundation and walls and maintains the place secure. This is why it's vital to care for it and ensure it functions smoothly when the fall's heavy rains come. Clogged gutters can trigger damage to the house's exterior and lead to water build-up in the basement. 

Poorly cared gutters are more prone to corrosion and rust and can bleed your budget dry because they may require replacement. Clean the gutters before the first leaves fall from trees, and scrape them regularly once the autumn comes to prevent debris from returning. 


Check for leaks


To protect yourself from cold, you button up a coat around your body. To guard the house's interior against freezing, you must identify any leak and seal it to stop chilly air from entering. Leaks around the doors and windows and gaps in caulk can account for 10% of your energy bills. Isolating the house with weather-stripping is cost-effective and reduces heating costs during colder months. Surprisingly, a basic material can reduce drafts and make your home comfortable during autumn and winter. But, weather-stripping is a humble material, and it can deteriorate over time, so inspect it annually before fall. 

If you cannot tell if the weather-stripping is in good condition or requires replacement, you can rely on some methods to test its properties. Close the doors and windows on a strip of paper, and if it slides easily, then weather-stripping is functional. Another way to check if the weather-stripping is doing its job is to close the windows and doors and place a lighted candle close to it. An air leak would make the flame to flicker. Make sure you don't let the flame unsupervised or close to flammable items. 

Inspect the windows and doors to identify any missing or damaged caulk close to entry points for gas pipes, or cable, electrical, or phone wiring. 


Adjust the thermostat


Now that temperatures are about to fall, it's the time to adjust the programmable thermostat or install a new one if you don't have one to save money and energy. By setting the thermostat to a lower temperature when you're at work or during the nighttime and to a higher temperature you're at home, saving money in the long run. 

Also, check the boiler and heating system to ensure they function correctly. If the inspection points operational issues to the boiler, take it to service and hire boiler rentals. It's more affordable to rent a boiler now when the weather is still warm than in the middle of the winter when it's freezing outdoors.       


Get on the roof


During the rainy season, few home issues are as vexing as a damaged roof. If it drips, it's challenging to identify the source of the problem and consumes time and money. To prevent useless expenses, get on the roof before the autumn rains and wind strike and turn roof issues into house disasters. 

Use binoculars to inspect the roof from the ground level if you cannot go up there. Look for wind damage, cracks, and missing or damaged shingles. Also, inspect the areas around the chimney, vents, and metal accessories. Scan the entire roof for curled, damaged, missing shingles, and the gutters for debris accumulations. If the roof shows signs of losing its coating, hire a professional to check it and repair it. 

Roof-mounted antennas can trigger house damage if they have missing wires to connect them to the roof. Look for missing wires, and consider removing them if they are no longer functional.  


Care for the lawn


A little yard comes with a lot of work, especially during the fall when you have to prepare it for the winter to prevent damage to the grass because of freezing temperatures. To have a healthy lawn next spring, you must encourage the root to stay healthy during the cold months and grow the following year. Fertilize it in the autumn to grow strong in the spring. 

Use a lawnmower to mulch the leaves and provide the lawn with natural nutrients that keep it healthy during the winter. If you don't have a lawnmower to cut them, rake them and remove all the lawn debris because it can affect its growth.

After getting the lawn ready for the winter, rinse and store all rakes, shovels, and tools you use to care for the yard. Remove the remaining fuel from the mower to prevent it from damaging the parts. 

The autumn is a warm enough season to spend time outdoors and get your house ready for winter's chilly months. Tackle the above house maintenance tips to keep the property in good shape when the snow hits. 


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John Pusa
Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Crest - Glendale, CA
Your All Time Realtor With Exceptional Service

Cynthia Madison very good list of home maintenance tips for Fall!

Oct 29, 2020 07:45 AM
ba`B Ratliff
Robert Ratliff Realty - San Antonio, TX
"Sold with Bob"

Great Fall tips....thanks, reminds me I need to wrap a few of our pipes. Have a safe warm day...

Oct 30, 2020 01:14 AM

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