Why Should I Renovate my Home?

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If you’re wondering why should I renovate my home, then this article is for you. Many people wonder about the cost of renovating a house, and that depends on many factors. This will help you once you begin trying to sell your home. Especially if you have to get your house ready to sell in 30 days. Instead of worrying about how much to renovate a house, you should focus on getting the highest return on investment that you possibly can. This means recouping your cost. If you’re doubting whether home renovation is right for you, it can help to look at before and after transformations of other homes.

 Why Should I Renovate my Home?

You may be wondering what is renovation? Renovation is simply upgrading parts of your home. Usually, this means upgrading parts that will improve the home value. All homeowners should be very proactive about finding issues and do a thorough home inspection. A home inspector is trained to find issues that you would overlook, and those issues could come back to haunt you. Don’t just jump into fixing the cosmetical issues. Always try to find the structural issues first, then worry about the cosmetic upgrades. There are also other guides for how to renovate your house online. Also, if you do not have a lot of money to spend, you can find cheap ways to increase your home value without doing major renovations.

The Kitchen

You might be asking, how much does a kitchen remodel increase home value? A kitchen can have a significant impact on your home value. People believe that kitchens make the sale. A kitchen brings a good feeling to your home because it’s a place where people come together and relax.


A high-end renovation won’t pay off as much as a good kitchen remodel. When you remodel your kitchen, you can easily recoup 50% to 60% of the total investment. So if you’ve wondered why should I renovate my house, you now know that you can boost your home value significantly. The types of materials you use for your kitchen and remodeling projects can determine how much and how quickly your home sells for. Try to update your faucets and cabinets first, since they will be outdated first. Then try to upgrade the countertops. Painting is the most popular remodeling job and countertops are the second. You can also change the flooring in your kitchen. We advise going for hardwood. If you have tiles, go for ceramic, backsplashes, or porcelain tiles for quartz, stone, and glass tiles.


Doing basic remodeling projects, such as getting a high-end faucet, can make a significant difference. This can add a sense of detail and make a strong statement to your kitchen. This will make your home feel special.

The Bathroom

Are you looking to swap your tub for a shower? Make sure you don’t take a shower on your investment. Upgrading your bathroom will usually require a lot more expenses when it comes to both tile and countertop upgrades. Sometimes it may be less costly to add a new bath rather than trying to remodel your existing one. Your return on investment when adding a new bathroom is likely much higher. Nowadays, buyers aren’t impressed with small showers and tubs that have jet streams. Instead, people prefer customized tile floors with detailed inlays, extra body sprayers, a wider shower, streamlined and luxurious designs. Buyers want their bathroom to feel and look like a spa.

The Pool

The pool is, by far, one of the most desired outdoor aspects for homeowners. Pools will give you a great return on investment since it’ll add a lot to your home value. When people drive by, they won’t be able to see the nice baths and kitchens. Instead, they’ll notice the beautiful pool or outdoor fireplace. Remodeling your outdoor space is a significant category to consider. Having a pool will upgrade your outdoor area and make it much more glamorous. A pool typically recoups about 43% of their investment. You will need to make sure to avoid any inground pool problems to get the most return possible.

Why Should I Renovate my Home?

The Roof

The roof will consume a huge portion of the exterior. The roof needs to look good and protect against bad weather conditions. A three-tab shingle won’t impress any buyer. Instead, installing an elastomeric coating on your roof will drastically change the value of your home. Nowadays, roofs have plenty of styles and colors to choose from. Many realtors suggest changing your roof before listing your home on the market. They have also mentioned that a new roof has helped their clients close their deals. On average a new roof will cost about $7,500 but can give you a return of over $8,000. This is an investment that gives buyers peace of mind. People don’t want to buy a house with an old roof.


So why should I renovate my house? Because it will significantly raise your home value, meaning more money in your pocket when you decide to sell your home. Once your home renovation is complete, you’ll have a property that’s easier to sell.

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