Happy Halloween Bucks County, PA - Don't be Afraid, IRS is not Scary!

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Happy Halloween Bucks County, PA - Don't be Afraid, the IRS is not so Scary!

I represent taxpayers who have IRS's issues in Bucks County PA and a lot of clients come to me just after receiving a tax notice from the IRS. Most people's reaction when they receive a notice from the IRS is a gut wrenching pit in their stomach. There is a sudden anxiety that overcomes you.  So what do they do?  They choose not to open the mail.  "If I don't open it, it doesn't count...right?"  Wrong!  OPEN YOUR MAIL!  The IRS issue does not go away, because you chose to ignore the notice.  There is a lot of really important information inside the notice like what the government thinks you owe for what year(s) and what they are going to do. The IRS may place liens on taxpayers and levy their bank accounts or wages.  More importantly, if you don't open your mail, you may lose your appeal and tax court rights. 

There are many people that fall behind on their taxes. The first step is open your IRS notices and see where the IRS is in the collection process. Don't ignore the notices.   The next step is get into compliance. What is compliance?  File your tax returns and pay your current taxes.  Current taxes include estimated taxes for the current year for self-employed and W-2 withholdings for wage earners.  We can worry about the past due taxes after we get into compliance.

Once we are in compliance, the IRS offers different alternatives for the collection of past due taxes. One option is an installment agreement where you agree to set up a payment plan with the government over a certain period of time. Another alternative is an Offer-in-Compromise (OIC) where the government may accept less than the amount owed based upon your particular financial circumstance.  This is commonly advertised on the radio where the government will accept "pennies on the dollar."  A third alternative is uncollectible status where an individual simply cannot afford to pay anything at this time  based upon their financial situation. We can help with determining which is the best alternative for an individual with past due taxes.  But the critical first step in resolving your tax issue, is opening your mail.

If you or someone you know has a tax issue, please do not hesitate to contact me at steve@trustedtaxresolution.com or call (215) 316-3437.

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John Pusa
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 Thank you Steven Buonomo Happy Halloween to you and your as well!

Oct 31, 2020 05:07 PM
Hannah Williams
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So many people ignore these issues and wait until it is too late Steven Buonomo interesting post 

Nov 05, 2020 12:37 PM