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Selling homes Fast in Arizona - How to sell your Home Fast


Regardless of the market, work is still needed to be done when placing a home on the market. Whenever I list a home, I have a ten point checklist I use to make sure I am 100% ready to hit the market and nothing is left to chance. From ensuring the home is "Photo Ready" to making sure their is adequate space in closets and all the "Knick Knacks" are removed. Doing just a few of these items listed, will ensure your home gets more money and sellers faster, even when the market is normal.  Now, I know what you're thinking as you read this, and probably once you read the Blog Title of "Selling Homes fast in Arizona", why do we need to market if its going to sell fast? Simply, I work for my clients, regardless of the market and I earn every dime I am paid. 

Having been selling homes for over 20 years, I've learned a thing or two. Some of these are common sense, but again, selling houses for 20 years, I've come to realize common sense is not always prevalent. 

Photos: Take these two photos for example: 


Both actual Photo's used in the MLS systems. Both terrible photos and should have never been published. I recently came across a FSBO, (For Sale by Owner) listed on that Z Site, the main picture was a bush! 

Staging: A lot can be said for and against staging, I'll tell you this, in my 20 plus years, I've never staged a home. My quickest sell ever, (not counting this one) was 90 minutes. I listed the house, got into my truck, thought for a few minutes about my client database, realized a couple was looking in that specific area, in that price point and size. I called them up, they came to the house, we walked it, sat down at the kitchen table and negotiated a deal with the seller and wrapped it up.

I've sold home vacant or with owners residing, a few with tenants in place, but have never staged a home. I fail to see how having the owner spend $2k or more, to stage a home for a month or two, will help it sell-but that's just me. 

Pricing: Price it right. Seems simple enough right? Well its not. I have come across many "Realtors" in my career that list houses just so they can play the price drop game. Last one I came across was a competitor of mine. We both went in to secure the listing, I was honest, told the seller what the home was worth, what he needed to do to get maximum dollar. We had an agreement, albeit verbal, we still had one. (I'm a hand shake means something kind of guy). Two weeks later, after all my "suggestions" were completed, I see this other guys "Sign" being erected. I reach out the home owner, ask the obvious question. "Blank Agent" said it was worth More. So we listed with them. 

Frustrated, I paid special attention to the listing. The market was normal, not crazy like it is now (10/2020) this was back in July 2019. One month passed, no deal and 2 price reductions. 2 months pass, another 2 price reductions and no sale. 3rd Month, and they "price" it where I indicated it needed to be priced. After paying 2 months of mortgage and now a total price reduction of nearly $15,000 the house finally goes under contract. 3 Months. $7500 in mortgage payments and a $15000 price drop. Do the math, that's $22,500 price swing, off the net proceeds and a house sitting empty for months (sellers were relocating across the country) so for 3 moths, they ate double mortgage payments, home equity tied up. Finally the home closed 4 months later, so toss another $2500 in mortgage payments and a selling price $5k off what I said. The owners lost a total of $30,000 by choosing that agent to list their home. Pricing your home correctly, even now, ensures a quick sell (coupled with everything else that needs to be done in preparation). Don't let the promise of more $$$ in your pocket when its not justified, sway you. 

Avoiding the Price drop game: The easiest way to accomplish this, ask the Realtor sitting across from you at the kitchen table or who you're talking to via text/email and cell, to provide you a list of homes they've sold in the past 12 months. Look at the market time, the price adjustments (if any) and you'll be able to make an more educated decision on your current scenario.

Experience counts when hiring a professional to protect your asset you worked so hard to obtain, make payments and watch your equity grow. 

Looking to see what your home is worth? Curious if its the best time for YOU to sell? Don't be, just ask! I'll happily provide you accurate (truthful) information about your homes value and give you a snap shot of what to expect if it is the perfect time to sell. Call or text me today at 602-321-6188

Don't just LIST your HOUSE, SELL it by calling me today.

Here's a great video that summarize this. 



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Joe Manausa
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Congratulations on getting it Sold!  Great Job with the listing!

Nov 03, 2020 02:46 PM

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