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It's an age-old question the: sea or the city?
Most people feel that living on the ocean means living in a secluded or rural area without the excitement of living in an urban area. Though its true for most of the country Myrtle beach allows you to have the best of both worlds.
But are Regency Towers Condos for sale really worth the price and why should you live on the beach?
If you looking to move somewhere beautiful and here's why Regency Towers Condos are one of the best places to live.

Regency Towers Condos Gives You a Beautiful View

If you love boogie boarding and windsurfing or if you just like to sunbath Myrtle beach is the place for you. There're many options for enjoying the beautiful view and beach houses.
Because Mrytle is in one of the most secluded places on the Grand Strand coast. This means you get the view and appeal of a large beach without the crowds and the pollution.

Always Have a Spot Ready at Myrtle Beach

Regency Towers Myrtle Beach

If you're looking to stay at Myrtle Beach you'll notice that the hotels fill up fast. And it's easy to miss out on a great place to vacation but by buying property in Myrtle Beach SC your setting yourself to have an amazing place to stay all year round. 
Looking condos for sale myrtle beach in you'll notice that they are some of the most amazing and well-priced condos in the country but only Regency Towers Condos lets you live luxuriously while enjoying the beach.

Wild Nights in Myrtle Beach 

Owning myrtle beach real estate puts you in the center of one of the most bustling and beautiful cities in the world. There's always amazing places to go shopping and new restaurants to dine at.

Enjoy the Great Weather

If you're sick of snowy cold winters and sweltering hot summers the living on Myrtle beach is once again the perfect option. It lacks the intense heat of Florida beaches in the summers and the intense cold of New England beaches.
This makes the climate ideal for retirees and people looking to get away for the winter. This also makes the climate great for staying in shape and exercising outdoors.
Though the weather is almost beautiful all year July and August are usually humid and are prone to intense thunderstorms. Luckily at Regency Towers Condos staying is as beautiful as going out.

Live In a Gorgeous Condo

The condos on the inside are as beautiful as the beach. They come with a fully furnished kitchen up to three rooms and widescreen TV to watch your favorite movie on.
All the condos have a clean homey design with furniture that charm anyone who visits.

Find More Beautiful Places to Live

Regency Towers Condos provides one of the most beautiful vacation spots on earth. And buying a condo at Myrtle will help you create memories that will last a lifetime.
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