Should You Show Your Rental Property In Fayetteville, NC Occupied?

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As a Fayetteville, NC property management company, a question we often get from DIY landlords is if they should show their property when it is occupied by a tenant.  As a for rent by owner landlord, you may have similar questions. 


Our answer is it depends. 


There are a number of factors to consider when determining if you should show your property when it is occupied by a tenant.  Sometimes it can be a good idea.  Other times it can cause you more of a headache than you expect.  


What Does the Lease Agreement Say About Showing the Property?


The lease will control how and when you can show the property.  In North Carolina, the law is silent on the type and amount of notice a landlord must give.  All that is required under the statute is that you give the tenant "reasonable notice."


At Linchpin Property Management, we include a 48 hour notice in our leases.  What this does is make the tenant a little more cooperative during the showing process.  Can you imagine giving the tenant 8 hours notice that you will be showing the property?


Giving the tenant advanced notice also has the added benefit of allowing the tenant to tidy up a bit.  While we would love for tenants to live in a museum quality state, we are well aware most don't.


And if you are hell bent on bringing a potential tenant in as soon as possible to view the property, remember, if you show a filthy property, you probably won't end up with the potential tenant renting the property out. 


In fact, you will do little more than make an enemy of your current tenant. 


Should You Show the Property When It is Convenient for Your Tenant?


Another consideration when deciding when to show your Fayetteville, NC property is to take into account when it may be convenient for the tenant.  


At Linchpin Property Management, we coordinate all of our showings with our Fayetteville, NC tenants.  While we can't make concessions under every circumstance, we try our best to not inconvenience the tenant.  


What we have found over time, is that tenants can be accommodating, so long as you treat them with respect and dignity.   We have even had a tenant agree to have their rental shown at 8 pm.  This, of course, is an exception, and only when absolutely necessary, but it demonstrates the lengths tenants will go through to help out when they feel appreciated. 


Is it Even Necessary to Show the Property When it is Occupied?


Showing the property occupied can be a gift and a curse. 


The gift would be an awesome interior designer tenant who has everything in order.  The property looks like something out of a magazine.  


The curse is the tenant who, while not filthy, has a bunch of color, or a design that does little to boost the interest of a potential renter. 


In the case of the latter, we recommend showing the property when empty.  An empty space will be clean, painted, and smell fresh as a cucumber.  The added benefit is to leave up the design to the potential tenant, who can freely envision their possessions in the property. 


Showing your rental property occupied will depend  upon some of the circumstances articulated above.  Don't think too hard about it, and consider what is the best option for your particular tenant. 


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