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Pahrump has gone through many changes. I have watched it grow from my birth. I remember a time when there were farms across alot of the valley. Cattle farms, alfalfa for the cattle, alot of cotton farming and then lettuce was grown out here. When I was a young girl I rode horses and at 13 years old I began to play golf on the Calvada Valley Golf Course.

The Pahrump Ranch sold to Preferred Equities Corp. Around 1972 the Pahrump Valley graduating class for the first time had job opportunites besides working for their Parents business or the local farms. My Parents had a farm of 320 acres which became the Manko Subdivison and  the only Gas Station, Market and small Resturant. Needless to say the Gas Station, Market and Resturant were the money makers. Farming was the hardest job my Father ever claimed to have "Long hours, little pay but it kept you honest" his quote not mine.

My first attempt at Real Estate was at 18 years old I went to work at a Time Share for the current Terrible's RV Park (it was called Prefferred RV Resorts back then). I am glad to inform you that the current park look very much like the original plans. I was successful 5 sales in 5 days however I was young and went back to being the Manager of the Gas Station.

My second attempt was in August of 2003. I began working for Hafen & Hafen Realty, after the Office Manager was killed in a motorcycle accident I took over her postion of Office Manager. In July of 2007 I joined  Re/Max Pros and really enjoy selling the Pahrump Dream to all of the people I meet.

Pahrump has real charm and some of the nicest people I've ever known. Most of the officials that represent this town will take the time to hear your concerns. All of our Public Boards have email, office numbers and sometimes their private phone numbers. Not many officials do that for their voters. Our roads like most towns that experiance rapid growth need a little work. We need more schools, more police, more fireman and more business' but all these things will arrive.

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