Tips for the First Time Home Seller in Fayetteville, NC

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As a first time home seller in Fayetteville, NC, you may experience as much anxiety as you did during the buying process, and that’s OK.


It’s never a bad thing to be a little nervous, as the process can be a little bit overwhelming.


Although we always recommend you seek the help of a qualified real estate broker to sell your home, you may still attempt to do it on your own.


Although not advisable, it is still up to you to decide if you would like to sell your own home in Fayetteville, NC.


Below are 5 key points and tips to help get you on the right track, so you don’t make a mistake when selling your home.


This list, however, is not the end all be all, and should be read in conjunction with the countless additional factors that are relevant to selling your home on your own.


First Time Home Seller Tip 1: Price Your Home Accurately


While we know that you are pretty excited to enter into this ordeal on your own, we must caution you against becoming emotionally attached.


Yes, it’s true that your home is where your kids may have grown up. It may have been the first place you lived in after you got married. This are all important and big milestones, but none of them have a bearing on the price of your home.


Emotionally attachment is one of the biggest things that, consciously or not, come into play when pricing your house.


Pricing has no room for emotional attachment.


The best thing you can do is to price your house according to comparable properties in the area, and also take into account things that are unique about your property. This may push your property to the left or right of the comps, but should generally keep you on track.


Pricing is not an exact science, and comes with experience. This is why we recommend you go with an experienced realtor to help you through the process. They will be able to unemotionally assist you with pricing your property, and boosting your property value.


First Time Seller Tip 2: Staging Your Home Correctly


This is another area that first time home sellers who attempt to sell their own property mess up on. Staging your home correctly is a major consideration when you are attempting to sell your property.


Staging your home goes beyond merely throwing on a fresh coat of paint. It involves thinking about decluttering your home; making sure there is curb appeal; making sure everything is in working order; and knowing the demographics of your particular market.


For instance, a house for sale in Fayetteville in an area that has a population over 60, should be staged differently than a house in an area where the medium age is 30.


You want the buyer to like your home before they enter, and fall in love as soon as they walk through the door. Proper staging accomplishes this.


First Time Seller Tip 3: Negotiating the Agent’s Commission


If you decide to use a real estate agent, you must be aware that there will be a commission involved.


Generally speaking, real estate commissions are usually between 5–6%, split between the buyer and seller’s agents.


This commission rate is not set in stone, and you are free to negotiate with your agent. But you must be aware that you get what you pay for!!


We don’t recommend you try to get down as low as you can on commission rates. While the real estate commission may seem like a lot of money, you have to take into account the amount of work agents do to sell your home.


It’s not just as simply as someone seeing your house on line, contacting the agent, and the house is sold the next day. There are many moving parts to consider such as: advertising, showing, coordinating offers, negotiating for the best price for you, maintenance and repairs necessary to get your property in shape, coordinating with countless outside parties necessary for the deal to close, and the list goes on.


We recommend you discuss openly with your agent about commission rates, but be fair to all parties during the process.


First Time Seller Tip 4: Open Houses and Showings


You must conduct open houses and showings in order for your property to sell. Unless you have the most dynamic, picture friendly house for sale in Fayetteville, NC, that is severely underpriced, then you are waiting on the long shot of someone buying unseen.


Open houses and showings should be conducted at the times that are best for buyers. Usually this will be on the weekends and evenings.


While this may seem like an inconvenience, you want to make your home available as much as possible to get in front of potential buyers.


First Time Seller Tip 5: Be Receptive to Offers


You don’t necessarily have to take the first offer that comes across your desk, but you should be open to accept it.


This is where lack of emotional attachment comes into play. If you are emotionally attached, you are going to wait for an offer that matches your asking price. But your asking price may be so high, that no one will match it.


You should evaluate each offer based on a set of objective facts. Objectivity gives you a clear lens. If the offer is close to what another home sold for in your area, it is probably a good offer.


You can adjust it to the right somewhat if you want to, but don’t go too far off course. Working with a real estate agent will help keep you grounded, and will be better in the long run for your financial gain.


Final Thoughts for the First Time Home Seller in Fayetteville, NC


As we said earlier, this list is not exclusive nor is it exhaustive. There are many variables that are in play when selling your home. These are just a few of them.


Although we only do property management, we have over 22 years in the real estate market working with buyers and sellers. If you need help locating an agent to assist you, reach out to us and we will help you along on your journey. . . . FREE of charge to you.


Good Luck!!!


The Team at Linchpin Property Management


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