6 Trending Landscape Design Ideas For 2020 And Beyond

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 2020 marked the start of a new decade, even if things did not go exactly as expected this year. Our priorities have shifted since the novelty coronavirus was declared a pandemic, and so did most of our activities. As opportunities for where we spend our vacations and free time have become less and less generous, people started focusing on what’s inside their own backyard – literally.

Either to make time pass or simply because their garden needed a revamp, more and more people started looking at ways to elevate their backyard and turn it into a place worth spending time in.

We don’t always recommend following trends, but they do make a good starting point if you are looking for ideas to spruce up your home. So, since we are compelled to spend most of our time at home, why not make the most out of what we have? Here are some of 2020’s hottest landscaping trends that we believe will also be important in the years to come.

Secluded Lounging Spaces

In 2019, many homeowners were looking to integrate small lounging spaces within their backyard landscape, and we believe this is a trend that will continue in the following years as well. Private, secluded corners are especially suited in a large backyard, to create a sense of intimacy for family dinners, private conversations, or for those moments you simply need some time alone.

To create such a spot, all you need is some comfortable seating, which can be anything from hammocks to lounge chairs, outdoor sofas or benches, as well as some sort of a boundary wall. The wall can be created out of wood, or by using greenery. Vine or ivy-covered trellis, hedges, or even trees can be a good option for creating a sense of safety and intimacy. You can always use concrete to better separate the space either by elevating the seating area or by building a concrete half-wall around it. And don’t worry you won’t know how to make the concrete mixture by yourself. It comes ready mixed now so that you can save time and effort.

Zen Gardens

As we witness the effects of poor environmental decisions and pollution, we grow more and more understanding of how important it is to connect to nature. Reports show that spending 2 hours a week in nature has a significant impact over our wellbeing, and there is substantial proof that links green spaces to lower risks for mental and physical health problems.

Zen gardens take inspiration from landscape gardens around Zen temples found in Japan and focus on giving the space a peaceful, well-maintained and harmonious feeling. You can incorporate bushes, shrubs, trees, grass, moss and plenty of rocks, and don’t forget about waterless waterfalls made out of gravel or sand.

Low-maintenance wilderness

If you can’t go to the wilderness, why not bring the wilderness to your back yard? This helps create a low-maintenance garden that requires very little work and limited water usage. You can populate it with drought-tolerant plants that don’t require much maintenance and look just as if a dreamy field took over your garden.

Keep in mind, though, that there is no such thing as a maintenance-free garden, so even if your plants are easy to care for, you still need to make sure you keep them in good condition and prevent disease or pests from spreading. Wild plants that grow in your area are also climate-adapted, meaning you don’t need to create special environments for them, plus they are perfect for pollinators, meaning you will also give something back to the planet as well.

Modern Gardening

People are taking more and more interest in growing their own fruits, herbs and vegetables, but many of them fall prey to the wrong idea that you need a lot of space to create an edible garden. Well, in reality, all you need is a large wall and plenty of wood to create a vertical garden that hosts everything you can eat in a year.

Gardening is nothing like it used to be before, especially since millennials are taking more and more interest in it. If vertical gardening does not suit your style, but you still want to get your hands dirty, then a raised bed or a small herb garden can work just as fine. What about a lemon tree and some rosemary for your own bourbon sour cocktail garden?

Backyard Glamping

Camping is yet another activity that is really growing in popularity right now, but you can’t always go out into the wilderness, so why not bring the camping area into your backyard? We long to connect to nature and since staycations are becoming so popular now, why not turn them into yardcations?

No, this does not mean you need to start putting up tents in your garden, but adding some elements that give out the idea of camping can do the trick. Start with a firepit, add some logs around it so that people have a place to sit, hang out some fairy lights, paper lamps and get ready for plenty of stories and smores around the campfire.

Open Air Cooking and Dining

Just as people used to gather around the kitchen island on weekends, these gatherings are slowly moving outside whenever the weather allows it, especially now when we don’t get many opportunities to spend time outdoors.

If you have the space, we strongly recommend designing an outdoor BBQ/kitchen/dining area, perfect for those late summer nights with friends and family gathering for a good meal together. All your friends will love it, and you will turn into the most envied host in your group. You don’t even need that much space, as these outdoor setups come in all sizes and forms. All you do need is some creative ideas and some time to put them to use.

Taking your backyard to the next level does not mean you need to start remodeling everything. Sometimes, all you need to do is get inspired by some trends and let your imagination figure out how to integrate those trends into what you already have. We hope these ideas are enough to inspire you and motivate you to give your garden an update.

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ba`B Ratliff
Robert Ratliff Realty - San Antonio, TX
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All of these trending landscape designs are great however I enjoy the low-maintenance-wilderness approach. Thanks for sharing.

Nov 03, 2020 04:53 AM

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