How to use the marketing dollars of us home auction ( ushomeauction .com , REDC ) to find buyers for your real estate short sales

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I was talking to one of my Gold level coaching students about this strategy and I decided to post it so you can see it as well.

REDC stands for Real Estate Disposition Corporation. The company was started to capitalize on the wave of Foreclosures and REO properties. The same thing happened during the last foreclosure boom of the early 90’s. Only that time Hudson and Marshall, , was the company that was aggressively listing bank owned reo properties.

Okay, now for the good stuff. Let’s break it down step by step on how you can find buyers for your properties while letting REDC foot the bill for the marketing. This company is literally filling convention centers with hundred of buyers with all of the marketing they are doing. They are all pre-qualified as well so you know they have cash or credit because they have to bring a deposit if they want to bid on any properties.

1.    Go to and find the time and place that REDC is coming to your town. When they come, they will be bringing hundreds of qualified buyers to a central meeting place where they hold the auction. It’s usually in a convention center. In Tampa, its at the Tampa Convention Center,

Ushomeauction is in 27 or so states. This strategy applies to any company that is doing a lot of advertising so use it where you see fit. If they’re not in your state, find a company that is.  See list below for more ideas.

2.    On the day of the auction or the night before the auction, go to the area where the auction is being held and post your signs everywhere from all of the main roads and highways on all of the corners and turns leading up to the meeting place. These signs should be made to attract attention. I use handwritten signs that say “Foreclosure, Need to Sell Today” with my phone number on them. You can also Post your “Handyman Special” or “Investor Special” signs with your website address and phone number on them

This is the language that attracts buyers because they think you are motivated. We get tons of calls from these signs. I have a guy that puts up signs for me and we pay him $1.00 per sign. After he’s done, go out and drive around the streets to make sure he did what he said he did. If you don’t check up on your sign hangers, they will start to cut corners.

Your signs should be up before the auction starts and they should be up when it ends so you can get the traffic going to the auction and the traffic leaving from the auction.

3.    Add all of the leads that call you or come to your website from these signs to your
    buyer’s list. Make sure you get their email address when they call. Now you have a qualified list of buyers you can email to for every new property you get. Your properties will be sold before you even get your short sales approved. 

If you were to do all of the advertising that REDC does to attract these buyers, you would be spending tens of thousands of dollars like they do. Now you got all of these buyers on your list from their marketing efforts. 

Here are some other auction sites you can check out as well:

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Bill Carmichael

Great Idea DC....I will try this soon when the next auction comes to my area.

ARE there any feedback blogs for the students that buy your course?


Bill C

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Jul 08, 2009 07:33 AM