The East Village NY Neighborhood Guide

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Choosing to live in New York City is not just a place to call home but also a lifestyle. In this article, we are going to discuss the best area to live in Manhattan. This great city has 8.4 million residents spread across five boroughs with cultures and communities from every part of the world.

East Village NY Population

In the East Village about half of the population is made up of 35 years old or younger, and a third is made up of household and die-hard east villagers. Because of the young population this area teeming with small family own restaurants and underground bars and night clubs.

The East Village consists of a pre-war building, low-rise buildings but in recent times there is a slew of new construction all over the east village.

Rental Market

The rental market makes up to about 80% of all the housing in the area. The east village consists of 33,240 housing units which include all privately owned houses, co-ops, and condos.

Home Prices

Because the younger population than neighbor Greenwich Village or Gramercy shows fewer high-end interiors shows that price in this area is much lower than the neighboring area.


If you are looking to buy or rent in the East Village this area is an up-and-coming area of New York City and it's an amazing time to buy in a buyers market. For more information on the east village visit our website

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