Surprising Expenses of Moving Into A New Home

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Without a doubt, buying a house is a major investment in the life of any person and the numerous costs it incurs make the decision even more difficult. Besides the regular mortgage, property taxes, insurance and upkeep costs, there are other types of costs that might take a few people by surprise. To avoid adding some sleepless nights and more stress to the list of things you will need to handle after moving in, here are a few peculiar types of moving costs to prepare for. 

The Cost Of Moving Supplies

If you plan on moving house using a rented truck and your own packing supplies, or if you are ready to pay for professional partial or complete packing services, you are going to make sure you have sufficient packing boxes, paper, bubble wrappers, tape and everything in between. While you may not think this particular expense may be a significant one, you could end up paying more than you might have anticipated. 

Sturdy and efficient packing supplies are mandatory for safely relocating your items. See if you can save any money by asking friends and neighbors if they have any packing supplies they can spare for your upcoming move. Keep in mind there are Facebook or Nextdoor groups online where you could find these supplies for free, as donations, or at some very affordable prices. If you are prepared to invest in new moving boxes from reputable movers, you could pay anywhere between $0.99 for smaller boxes for your trinkets to $14 for wardrobe boxes for clothing. You should also be able to find online calculators that will allow you to establish just how many boxes you need to buy or rent, based on how many rooms you need to pack and how many household members. Apartment Building Fees

If you are getting ready to move into an apartment building, you should brace yourself for the fees that you might be expected to cover. The fees will basically be tied to the services you will receive there, such as building supervising and service elevators that need to be set up when new tenants are ready to move in. These fees are usually included in the budget provided the apartment building asks this to be done. See that you do not mistake these feed with the fees that the homeowners' association will charge. Expect anywhere between $300 and $500, depending on the location of the building. The more stories the building has, the higher the fees.

House Cleaning

You are going to want to move into a fresh and clean house that has been thoroughly vacuumed and scrubbed by professional cleaners. It will save you precious time and energy you will be able to put into the actual moving, renovations and decorating. These cleaners usually charge by the hour or by calculating the number of square feet they are asked to clean. They will disinfect your house and leave it squeaky clean, but they will also charge around $165, depending on the the location of the house, the size and the amount of time they will need to spend there. 

The Movers

To make your move as smooth and stress-free as possible, you should consider hiring expert movers who can help you plan everything and deliver top services at good rates. You can get a moving estimate at and see how much you should expect to pay to get your belongings relocated to the new house you are ready to move into. Make sure you only rely on trustworthy, licensed and fully vetted companies and ask for references and recommendations from people you trust. You will also need to pay attention to the way they structure the price quotes, as there is always the risk of a mover ending up costing a lot more than the amount you have contracted them for. The additional charges could rise unexpectedly for various reasons and it is also possible to be faced with surcharges you might have a hard time understanding. 

Try to have a fixed bid confirmed by the movers instead of getting an hourly rate for the move so you can have a clearer view on what to expect to pay. Another expense that will boost the price of your moving into a new home is the tip you will choose to give to the movers. Most of them expect a satisfying tip, so make sure you add this surprising expense to the same lists of costs associated to moving into a new home as well.  


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