What can the SMS text code marketing service be used for?

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The RealBird SMS Text Code Marketing service is a text code autoresponder: Consumers text a code to a dedicated phone number that we provision for you and RealBird replies with a text automatically, based on your settings (see below). RealBird also captures the lead information for you: we email you and store the inquiry in your RealBird account. We can also forward the leads to your existing CRM.


Where is SMS text code marketing effective for real estate?

This particular RealBird tool is a highly effective lead capture service that can generating an ongoing lead flow from places where there is enough "foot traffic" and where it is convenient for consumers to text a code. Typical such locations are: 

  • SMS sign riders in front of the houses 
  • printed flyers, 
  • postcards with clear and large call-for-action messages, 
  • flyer boxes, 
  • office banners, 
  • office window ads, 
  • open house sign-ins etc.

Your imagination is the only limit, just remember, "foot traffic" and convenience for texting is required, therefore, a highway banner most likely won't qualify :) no one can remember the number and text a code while driving at 65 miles an hour.


How much does it cost to you?

  • RealBird PRO:  at only $15 per month (with annual subscription) for unlimited listings and unlimited SMS codes, the RealBird subscription is one of the most affordable listing marketing tools on the market
  • The SMS text code marketing service is now a free add-on for RealBird PRO members
  • SMS marketing call-for-action stickers: only $6 +S/H for a sheet of 4, it's practically free and you can lead capture enable your offline marketing surfaces with it. If you set up reusable codes with RealBird (one that you can reassign to new listings later on), the set of 4 stickers can be used for many, many properties
  • SMS sign rider, like the example below: $79-$99 per sign rider, depending the sign rider material and how many side you would like us to print. This is an actual example that works with our realtor.com catchall link. Feel free to send your zipcode to this number to see how it works from the consumer's perspective. You can get various call-for-action designs, based on the various options described below (for listings, for real estate sites, for market reports etc.)

RealBird SMS text code sign rider

There are various use cases of the RealBird SMS text code marketing tool:

  1. For your listings: All of your listings on RealBird are automatically text code enabled. Consumers text this code to your dedicated RealBird SMS number and they will receive the listing details and RealBird link instantly, and you get their phone number to follow up with. You can also set up custom, reusable codes (e.g. the keyword HOME could be mapped to a listing, then reassigned to another one later)

  2. For any other online marketing material: You can set up custom codes that returns any type of links, not just RealBird links. Create an SMS autoresponder for your introductory YouTube video, or a home valuation page, or a seller's guide on your website, or your current rental inventory etc. In all cases, you wll provide an autoresponder for the consumer delivering valuable information for them automatically, while capturing their phone number for follow-up, upfront.

  3. Dynamic links, e.g. neighborhood IDX search: This new, advanced feature allows wildcard keywords to be texted and the system returns a dynamic Url by attaching this keyword to your link, substituting a variable with the actual texted code. This is great for example for postcard campaign which can have a call-for-action like "Text your zipcode to [phone number] and see what your neighbors are selling their home for" Or "Text your price you'd pay for a rental and see all the matching rentals" 

These are some of the main use cases for capturing leads ongoing through offline media utilizing the RealBird SMS text code marketing service.

Should you have questions or a specific use case in mind, please contact us either directly or through the comments below.

Happy Marketing!

-- The RealBird Team




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