Don’t let Your Designer Hijack Your Copy

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The Internet if overflowing with dull copy. Set yourself apart by making your copy lively and on-topic, and you’ll get attention.

It’s easy to let a designer come up with web age layouts before consulting your copywriter. While it may save some back-and-forth on the front end, later on, when you copywriter complains there isn’t enough room for copy, you might end up kicking yourself.

Designers often say that ‘nobody’s reading copy anymore.’ If you’re tells you this, tell them to shut up. The truth is, nobody’s ready BORING copy anymore, and your designer might not know the difference. A good copywriter can work with a designer to create space for the exact amount of copy you need to seal the deal with your prospects.

From time-to-time I’ll land a project where the client advises that the designer is finalizing the layout and that when he/she is done, it’ll be my turn to fill in the blanks. While I’m more than up to the challenge, it’s been difficult converting clients from that mindset to one of integration with design, copy and client.

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