5 Ways to Boost Your Hotel Bookings

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Hotels; you either hate them or you love them. Some people would rather stay at an Airbnb than a hotel or a resort. That’s just their sort of thing. 

It’s small, intimate, it feels homey, has unique touches, it’s less sterile and of course the most important variable of them all, it’s affordable. 

But, with the right marketing, a hotel can appeal to this type of customer as well. All you need to do is treat your customers like royalty and offer reasonable prices. 

However, you must also overcome all of the competition out there to put yourself apart from the rest. If you’re looking for ideas on how to increase bookings for your hotel, you’ve come to the right place. 

The key is to make it easy for people to find your hotel, market it in a way that makes them excited to stay and you’re well on your way! 

Read on for some actionable tips!

  1. Build an Online Presence

Nowadays, it’s out with travel agents and in with technology. 

If you own a hotel, this means that travel agents must be able to find you just by doing a simple online search from the comfort of their home. 

Make sure that you have an active online presence on almost all platforms so that it’s easy for people to find you and actually make bookings when looking for a place to stay. 

  1. Target the Right People

You can’t sell a hotel stay to everyone. Figure out who your specific and unique target audience is and market to them appropriately. 

Once you know who your ideal guest is, you’ll be able to market in a way that appeals to their needs and preferences. 

Use income targeting and similar tools which are covered in this training program here to effectively target your ideal guest.

  1. Spend More on Marketing During the Busy Seasons

Everyone’s marketing budget is going to be different in the hospitality industry, and it mainly depends on the type of joint that you’re running, its location, and who your preferred guest is. 

Your booking season will also determine when and how much you spend during peak season and you’re well within your rights to spend most of your budget during this time of the year because it’s most likely to yield the most results. 

  1. Create a Good Offer

If you operate a hotel in an ideal location then you’re probably not the only player in town and if your customers can get better value from your competitors, then why should they stay with you? 

Make sure you have a unique selling proposition that provides incentives to your target customer. Having several great reviews from past customers is great, and offering great value for money is even better. 

For instance, you could offer a 15% discount on all first-time guests. This type of deal can go a long way to set you apart from the competition. 

  1. Focus on Remarketing

There’s a 75% abandonment rate that hotels must overcome, which can happen due to distractions, major life events, or pretty much anything. 

Make sure that a potential customer doesn’t leave your website because they were distracted by a better deal. Your site should be their first and final destination. 

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Hello Velva Dunn very good list of tips to boost a hotel bookings.

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