Decorating Tips - for Renters - that Won’t Hurt Your Deposit

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Does your apartment look bare, but your heartless landlord won’t allow you to make any changes? Don’t worry; there are many things you can do to decorate the space, even though you think it’s impossible to make any changes. If you’re struggling to make your apartment look stylish but don’t know where to start first, you need to keep reading this article! Are you tired of TV shows and tutorials on YouTube, showing beautifully decorated spaces, but you feel like there’s no way you can accomplish it because you’re renting? Honestly, what’s so tricky in changing furniture and rugs and transform your rental space? Even though you’re looking for a bigger change, it’s still possible! 

Who told you that just because you’re renting, you can’t feel at home? Personalizing your space can turn into your “forever home” in only a few days. Take some time to reflect on your personality, style, and interests. Now, you’re thinking, “My landlord is going to be very upset about this!”. Forget about your landlord – you shouldn’t stare at blank walls for God knows how many years. There are plenty of useful and creative ways to transform your rental into a real home and still get your deposit back. Here are some tips on how to change your rental quickly and beautifully.


Rugs are a great investment

Ugly carpets? No worries, you can change them with nice ones of your choice. If the hardwood is scratched, you can cover that area and make the space look complete. Also, they’re very comfy and can “hide” some noise that your floor makes. Your neighbors will thank you later on! Rugs are a good investment – choose the exact size that’s optimal for your space. You can physically enlarge the room in your apartment if you use décor elements properly. A rug can be one of those elements. Placing a carpet extending from one wall to another will give the impression that space is more extensive. 

Art is an easy way to bring life to space

As mentioned before, your landlord’s restrictions shouldn’t be an excuse for empty walls. Art is the perfect way to give your space a little definition and color. It will definitely change the aspect of your room and make it feel like home. You can hang your favorite artwork or use large canvases with different pictures. Do not worry about the nails in the wall; there won’t be any. You can glue your pictures with good-quality glue that can be even stronger than nails. What could be more robust than drilling?

Do you need more cabinets in the bathroom?

Another “dramatic” change is to remove some of the cabinets in the bathroom that you don’t like. It’s perfectly normal to make some changes to your new home you’re going to live in for many years. Clearly, you don’t want to ruin anything, but replacing some of the cabinets in the bathroom or kitchen isn’t going to harm anyone. But how can you do it without making too many holes in the walls? Your landlord isn’t going to be happy about it. Wait, there will definitely help you change the cabinets or add more shelves, with no tools required. DIY hanging shelves without drilling? Finally, you can break the “no modifications” rule and fix objects against the walls without drilling. Sugru, for example, it’s an ideal project because it ties quite well with metals, wood, and ceramics. Please read the information on the label to learn how to use it best. Besides, Sugru is removable, so it’s ideal for your rented accommodation. 

Add good lighting 

Lighting is important in any space, as this can change the ambiance of a room. It can create the illusion that the room is much larger than it appears. Natural lighting, along with artificial sources, makes the best incorporation in a space. Your entire décor it’s influenced by how much light there is. Now, modern lighting is an option that could be used in your accommodation. You can adapt the natural or artificial light to how you want it. Whether you live in an apartment, house, or studio flat, it’s essential to pay attention to the lighting – it’s more important than you think. The beauty of a home can’t reach its full capacity without proper light. It’s a primary element in home designs that enhances everything in a room, from furniture, decors, fitting, to textures and other finishes. Depending on your desires, you can try to manage the lighting in your home. There are many different ways of implementing lighting in your house, including:

  • General lighting

  • Directional lighting

  • Accent lighting

  • Ambient lighting 

Interior lighting should never be neglected, as this can brighten up a space and create the ideal ambiance.

Not enough space? Add “secret storage” 

If you live in a rental, there are chances not to have as much space as you would need. But you should opt for “secret storage.” It means that hiding all the clutter could be an option to create more space in your room. Baskets and wooden crates are best for storing items you don’t need or use, and it also maximizes the area for some wall shelves. Whether you look to declutter your small room and make it look bigger or keeping your belongings out of the guest’s sight, the “secret storage” will do the trick.

Get creative!

You can also get creative and do some awesome DIY projects to complete your rental’s look. “Dear renters, we’ve heard your shouts!” Here are some DIY projects that are great for rented spaces:

  • Painted chairs

  • DIY cushions

  • Add plants on the walls (vertical pallet garden)

  • Create open storage

  • Cocktail cart

  • Wall art made from paint models

  • Magazine rack made from a frame

  • Create a photo wall clock

  • DIY jewelry display

These tips might be perfect for giving fresh potential to your rental. If you have many decorative ideas, don’t forget to use them and make small changes in your apartment. Who knows, your landlord might even like your concept designs.

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Sham Reddy CRS
H E R Realty, Dayton, OH - Dayton, OH

Great tips Cynthia!!!

Another “dramatic” change is to remove some of the cabinets in the bathroom that you don’t like. It’s perfectly normal to make some changes to your new home you’re going to live in for many years. Clearly, you don’t want to ruin anything, but replacing some of the cabinets in the bathroom or kitchen isn’t going to harm anyone

Nov 17, 2020 03:51 AM
Michael J. Perry
KW Elite - Lancaster, PA
Lancaster, PA Relo Specialist

This is something that needs to be well thought out before a tenant improves another persons property 

Nov 17, 2020 05:02 AM

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