How to Have a Healthy Live Christmas Tree throughout The Holiday Season

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With the holidays approaching, it is time to look for the perfect Christmas tree or bring out the one from last year. The problem with old Christmas trees is that they may have become too old and shed a lot that they no longer look appealing.
If you buy a new Christmas tree, here are some ways to ensure that it stays healthy and does not shed throughout the holiday season.
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Give Ample Amounts Of Water

When you give ample amounts of water to your Christmas tree, it ensures that it remains supple and reduces the chances of shedding. To ensure it gets enough water, ensure that the stand is big enough to hold the water. You can also cover it with mulch to avoid the water evaporating.

If you buy a Christmas tree that had been cut before you purchased it, ensure you cut off at least ½ an inch from the bottom part as the sap will have covered it, making it hard for water absorption. A freshly cut trunk will ensure maximum water absorption.

You can also use ice cubes to ensure that the soil around the tree is always moist, and it allows for slow absorption, preventing the tree from waterlogging. You can also mist the tree leaves with water and add a humidifier near the Christmas tree.

That ensures that the leaves and the air around the Christmas tree remain moist, reducing the speed at which the tree loses its water.
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Put In A Cooler Room

Heat is the biggest enemy of your Christmas tree. Ensure that the tree is away from fireplaces, heat vents, direct sunlight, or radiators. When your tree is put in a cooler room, it stays alive longer as the cold air reduces the evaporation rate.

Turn Lights Off During The Day

For a healthy Christmas tree, ensure to turn lights off during the day, be it the Christmas lights or other lights around the house. When left on for long, the Christmas lights become hot and increase the evaporation rate, causing the tree to wither.

The other house lights also contribute a certain amount of heat, and it helps retain the tree moisture when they are turned off. You can also consider switching from regular Christmas lights to LED lights as they do not heat up as much.
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Purchase A Healthy Tree

This is the best and most effective way to keep your Christmas tree from shedding. Ensure that when you purchase your tree, you cut it off yourself. If you can’t, go for the one that was cut most recent.

To identify the best tree, gently pull or brush through the needles and if they easily fall off. You can also try bouncing it on the ground to see if the number of needles that fall off. If many needles fall off in both cases, the tree is not in the best condition, and it will probably die soon.

A fresh and healthy tree should also be sticky on the trunk where it was cut, and the branches should be flexible.

Decorate Lightly

We all love to see a perfectly decorated Christmas tree. However, too many decorations can be heavy for the tree, and they may bend the branches or even cause it to shed a lot of needles. Ensure that the tree can handle the weight of the decorations you decide to put up.

Limit time indoors

A Christmas tree should stay indoors for a maximum of ten days, after which it should be taken outdoors, in a location free from strong winds. That gives it a break from the indoor heat and limited fresh air.

The outdoor air can help improve the health of your tree and keep it from shedding.

Inspect The Tree For Eggs And Insects

Insect infestation on your tree is the fastest way to cause your tree to wilt and shed. Before bringing it indoors, ensure that you check all around the branches and trunk to ensure there are no bugs.
If there are any, spray your tree with anti-wilt products and insecticide.

When the holidays are over, it is time to plant your tree. Ensure that you look for a spot without strong winds but where the tree will get ample sunlight. Also, ensure that you take it out of the container holding it, and you dig a hole deep enough for the roots to spread.


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