Best Real Estate Scripts for Sellers (and Why They Work!)

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Successful real estate is all about having the right conversations with the right people. However, it's not always easy knowing what to say that will get people on your side. This is where having a strong real estate script for sellers can make all the difference.


Real estate scripts are not a perfect science. There's no single best script that will guarantee you'll get listings and make millions. This is because not every script is going to work for every agent. The way you deliver that script and the timing of the script can have a lot to do with the process, too.


However, what a real estate script can do for you is to help you build your confidence, learn new sales approaches, and create a consistent, scalable agency.


Here’s a look at a couple of the best real estate scripts for sellers and why they work so well:

The FSBO Script

Many For Sale By Owner listings are from homeowners who want to save money on their home sale. What they don’t always realize is that using an agent can actually save them more money compared to doing it all themselves. Your goal is to help them see the value of using an agent. Here’s how you can start the conversation:


“Hi! I saw your home is for sale and I had a few questions. Are you the owner? [Yes].


Perfect! My name is (your name) and I’m an agent with (your brokerage). The reason I’m calling is that I may have a potential buyer for your home. I have a few clients who are highly interested in this area. Would you mind telling me your asking price for this house? [Pause]


Great! Are you working with any real estate agents? [No].


Okay, may I ask why? [Listen to their response]


I understand. What I’d like to do is give you some valuable information that will help you get more money for your home and also help it to sell faster. I know you want to get as much money for your home as possible, right? [Pause]


Perfect! So when would be a good time for us to meet and I can share my ideas with you?”


Once you get their agreement to meet with you, start planning your proposal on how to help them sell faster and for top dollar.


The Circle Prospecting Script

Another great “in” to getting listings is to circle prospect once you’ve closed a sale or gotten a new listing. Circle prospecting creates a buzz in the area where you’re already active. For example, if you just sold a house in a certain neighborhood, you can reach out to other homeowners in that same neighborhood. This can be a highly impactful way to get more leads because you have the perfect excuse to reach out to them.


Here’s how you can start:


“Hello! I’m (your name) with (your brokerage) - how are you? [Pause]


The reason I’m calling you is because I’ve just sold a home in your neighborhood. It’s actually a popular place that people want to live in, and I still have a few buyers I’m working with who are interested in moving into this area. Any chance you’ve considered selling? [Pause]


What if I could help you get the best price for your home? I’d be happy to do some research and find out what your home is worth in today’s market. You might be surprised how much homes here are selling for right now. Would you be interested?”


Many homeowners are open to selling their home if someone puts it on their radar. What’s more, if you can surprise them with a higher estimated value than what they would guess, you may have a better chance of convincing them.

Writing Your Own Real Estate Scripts for Sellers

The best real estate scripts for sellers are those that don’t try to sell, but rather start conversations. As you become more acclimated to your role as a real estate agent, pay attention to the conversations you have that result in listings. You can start to build your own semi-perfect science as you gain experience and confidence and what you're saying.


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