Household Maintenance Tips To Prep For Winter

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As winter is getting closer, it is important to go through some maintenance tasks because you want to avoid potentially costly repairs. The problem is that it is often difficult to prepare and since you want to protect your home, here are some crucial tips that you absolutely have to remember.

Check Gutters And Drainage

You have to be ready for the extra strain put on your roof. It is definitely not fun to clean your gutters but it can save a lot of cash. When you have well maintained gutters, it will be less likely to have to replace them and there will be fewer possibilities to be faced with roof damage.

Clogged gutters can easily overflow and then break. As a result, the roof is faced with a lot of strain. At the same time, the roof can be filled with ice. This would strain your guttering and cause thawing damage.

Test The Sump Pump

The sump pump is often an overlooked part of the home, especially before winter. You need to hire a professional like Fix It Right Plumbing to verify it. If there is a problem, you will end up with foundation damage and a basement that is flooded.

There are many things that you will need to take into account, like locating your exit pipe and checking for the presence of debris and dirt. When there are clogs, they need to be removed and you need to be sure that water will be directed as away as possible from the foundation of the home.

Check Window Wells

Window wells stand out as a great way to make sure that natural light enters the basement. They also offer ventilation and help to keep soil away from window fixtures. The problem is that when they are not properly maintained, the entire basement is put at risk.

Liner failure is particularly damaging when it comes to window well flooding. When the liner is detached, soil pressure widens the gap between the wall and the loose liner. As a result, water can easily get in and the soil ends up over-saturated.

Clean Dryer Vents

The dryer often ends up working a lot more during the winter than during summer. The problem is that dryers are a clear fire hazard. There are tens of thousands of fires that are started every single year by these vents. You should always perform maintenance tasks like cleaning lint filter and cleaning lint vents.

In the event that you see that the dryer does not operate as it should, contact a repairman to take a look at it. Such repairs have to be done by specialists.

Check The Electricity

Last but certainly not least, you need to make sure that you check the electrical system before winter comes. Whenever you notice sparking in the service panel and there are breaker wires that are not insulated properly, you should contact an electrician. In fact, it is a great idea to hire one anyway to check everything in your home before winter.

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Jeff Masich-Scottsdale AZ Associate Broker,MBA,GRI
HomeSmart Real Estate - Scottsdale, AZ
Arizona Homes and Land Group/ Buy or Sell

Roger for the good Winter tips Nick Marr and in Arizona and Florida we can delay some of those just a little bit longer...Jeff 

Nov 23, 2020 10:22 AM
Bob Crane
Woodland Management Service / Woodland Real Estate, EXP - Stevens Point, WI
Forestland Experts! 715-204-9671

Hi Nick,  Thank you for sharing these valuable household maintenance tips.  Nice list that will be useful for many.

Nov 23, 2020 07:33 PM
Kristin Johnston - REALTOR®
RE/MAX Realty Center 262-567-2455 - Waukesha, WI
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Great information.  Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas!

Dec 25, 2020 07:18 AM