Referring insurance to an agent? Are they looking out for the customer?

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Here is a unique perspective... Is the agent you are referring business to looking out for your customer or is there only a desire to obtain a sale.

Moving from NY to Georgia?  There may be a need to be concerned:

Are you moving your insurance from New York to Georgia? 
Many of those moving to Georgia will contact an agent in Georgia representing the same insurance company they have in New York.  The request is "Please transfer my insurance to Georgia".  The eager agency will often times just "push the button" and terminate the policy in NY and will start the policy in GA.   Don't let that happen until you understand the following:

  1. In NY if the insurance policy is canceled while you are still in possession of the TAGS or License plates there is a per day penalty accessed by NY to the vehicle owner.  Don't cancel the NY policy until the plates are returned and the "receipt" from NY is in hand.
  2. Work with a Georgia Car Insurance agent that understands how to provide a policy in Georgia while at the same time not charging you for "duplicate coverage".  There are ways to obtain your Georgia License Plates while working to properly return the NY tags.

Juggling the process will provide a quick solution to obtain a Georgia Tag while at the same time providing time to return the NY tags while NOT being charge for duplicate coverage.  This is the type of service you should expect!

Google the term "Georgia Auto Insurance" and see if Matt Locke has solutions of this nature.   There is a noticable difference when the agent is looking out for the customer above and beyond the sale of a policy.

Paul "Matt Locke"

NOTE: This post has to do with Auto insurance and most agents are traditionally only concerned about the home insurance.  A good agent will work hard to obtain both policies.  Make sure the agent you are working for understands how to take care of your customer.

NOTE: Other states have this same issue... 

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Great post.  So many relo's from NY face this same issue.  Here in my office, we even keep the NY DMV's contact numbers and their mailing address handy so our new clients can send their plates back.  By the way, the NY DMV will honor the postage date on the returned plates.  So they can cancel coverage on the day they mail the plates.


Jun 20, 2008 09:42 AM
Atlanta's Home Inspector, David Lelak IHI Home Inspections
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Great informatino and once of those things that we did not know.  I do have a question, is this with all states or just New York. 



Jul 14, 2008 01:45 PM