The Right Furnishings Can Make Your Modern Condo Feel Bigger

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There are several advantages to living in a modern condo. You may have access to many amenities, such as a swimming pool, gym, rooftop deck, guest suites, recreation rooms, concierge, and security services. If your condo is centrally located, you’re probably a close walk from parks, schools, colleges, restaurants, entertainment facilities, and shopping malls. Modern condos are also stylish and designed to be environmentally friendly.


If there’s one feature condos lack, it’s space. Most modern condos are usually smaller than townhomes and stand-alone houses. Fortunately, with the right furnishings, your condo can feel much bigger. Here are some furnishing tips that can help: 

1. Paint the Walls White

While it may be tempting to paint your walls a unique color, white is the best wall color for a smaller space. Not only does this color lighten up areas and make them look brighter, but it also makes the edges of walls blend more seamlessly, making rooms look more prominent. 

2. Use Mirrors

Mirrors are an excellent way to give a room the illusion of depth. Tactically place mirrors where they can reflect passageways and light in order to add depth and spread light throughout the home. Even a large mirror in a small room can make it seem twice as big. 

3. Go Vertical

Think vertical when you want a room to look bigger than it is. For example, instead of a short and wide bookshelf, use one that’s narrow and tall. And rather than buy a medium-sized round mirror, use a huge rustic mirror that adds character and accentuates the height of your room. 

4. Buy the Right Furniture

The fastest way to make a small room look tiny is to use oversized furniture. Buy furniture that matches the look of your condo without sacrificing seating space.

  • Sectionals are a creative and contemporary way to fit many guests in a small living room 
  • Sofa-beds are a great option if you don’t have space for an extra bed and want to invite guests to stay the night
  • Customized furniture such as bookshelves can help you utilize awkward spaces
  • Ottomans can function as coffee tables and store your books, board games, or cushions
  • Beds with drawers can hold your linen, towels and give you a comfortable place to sleep


Of course, only the right furniture shop can help you find the perfect furniture. For example, The Chesterfield Shop has a variety of gorgeous furniture at great prices for homes of all sizes, including smaller spaces. Their condo and apartment pieces range from 54 inches to 110 inches and are stylish and comfortable.


Aside from furniture, they also sell rugs, wall art, pillows, throws, and more. Check their website for clearance items for good value. You can also avoid the hassle of moving furniture yourself by taking advantage of their fast delivery options to get your dream piece delivered on the same day or next.

These are four ways you can make your condo feel larger than it is. Be creative and buy the right furnishings from a reputable source to get the most out of your apartment.

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