Check Your Spam Folder; It Might Have Something Worthwhile

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Check Your Spam Folder; It Might Have Something Worthwhile

The other day I prepared an offer for my client.  Before I sent the email off to the listing agent, of course, I had to decide, if I wanted it to go to their primary email folder or to their spam email folder.

I doubted that this low ball offer would be accepted so I just checked off for it to go to the listing agent's spam folder.

Now, you are probably wondering where is this check box that allows for you to check primary versus spam.

Let's back up a moment.  There is no check box that determines whether an email goes to someone's primary email folder or to their spam email folder.

Also, I would never give any less effort to any offer that I submitted.

This raises a question.  Does anyone send out emails with the intent that they will end up in someone's spam folder?  Why would they?  If the sender of the email actually thinks that it is spam, then why would they send it in the first place?

Think about this further.  Has anyone ever sent an email, such as an offer, that ended up in the listing agent's spam folder?  I have.  Fortunately, when I send an offer, I, also, contact the listing agent with a phone call or with a text to make sure that they know that the offer has been sent.

I have, also, received important emails, such as offers, in my spam folder, so it is important that I check it.

This post is not about how an email gets into a spam folder.  Every provider of an email service has an algorithm for detecting what they believe to be spam.  While it may be good to understand how these algorithms work so that we can avoid an email from being sent to spam, there is still the chance that an email will end up unintentionally in a spam folder.

Checking a spam folder is not that difficult.  It usually does not require one to open the emails.  A quick scan of the subject line is usually all that it takes to determine that the email actually is spam, at least, in the eyes of the recipient.


Comments (3)

Kathryn Sparks
Zenith Realty - Baltimore, MD


You are right.  Important emails, unfortunately, do sometimes get miscategorized into the spam folder.

Dec 02, 2020 11:57 AM
Karen Krzniak
Zenith Realty - Towson, MD


I have lost track of all of the offers that have gone to my spam folder.  For some reason, most of them seem to be from Nigeria.

Dec 02, 2020 12:02 PM
Kathy Streib
Cypress, TX
Home Stager/Redesign

Hi Ron- I do need to check my spam folder more often because I actually have found emails in there that did not belong there. 

Dec 02, 2020 05:04 PM