How Printables Can Help You Stay Organized

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Struggling to manage your budget or keep track of potential leads? Why not use printables to help you stay organized? Using printable planners is so helpful since you actually take the time to write down every detail that needs to be done. That in itself is a huge gamechanger. By taking note of all the information, you’re pretty much psychologically holding yourself accountable for the things you have written. Moreover, it helps you not forget even the smallest details. Our brain manages a whole of ideas everyday. We need to write things down to stay organized and stay sane! 


Paper may be a bit outdated, but still helpful!

Why not use apps or digital planners on your phone instead?! I hear you. Many people think that using apps is really more effective. But, trust me, using paper is more satisfying and efficient. You can easily cross a task off on a physical to-do list and put amazing designs. Digital planners are cool, but at times, it’s best to distance ourselves from technology. Technology is rampant these days, but we’re all glued to our phones way too much. Take a break from technology and use an old-fashioned pen. 


Below are a few ways organizing printables can be beneficial for you:

  • Time blocking to make the most out of your day
  • Meal planning to eat healthier and save more money
  • Making grocery lists
  • Listing birthdays, meetings and appointments for the month, week or day 
  • Keeping track of activities and events
  • Setting goals and meeting them on time
  • Tracking your weight loss
  • Brain dumping your to-do’s for the month, week and day
  • Keeping a tidier home by doing a few 10-minute cleaning and decluttering tasks every day
  • Remembering when bills are due


More reasons to use printables:


  • Printables are eco-friendly.

Since you’re printing your very own print, you’re eliminating all the packaging that pre-printed materials need to protect it in transit and make it look great. Usually, pre-printed materials come with plastic sleeves, bubble wraps or cardboard for protection.  All of that stuff is awful for the environment when you throw it out.


  • Printables are great money savers.

There are tons of free printables out there. Even for those that require payments, printables are a lot cheaper than pre-printed materials.


  • You can download printables in just a few seconds.


We all live in a world of instant gratification. Good news, printables can be downloaded in just a few seconds, and framed in a few minutes. Need to make a goal tracker? Print some art off and you’re all set! 


Even better, printables can be used over and over again!

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Hello Angela Giles very valuable report for how printables can help stay organized.

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