Bucks County, PA: IRS Priority #1 = High income Non-filers

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I represent taxpayers in Bucks and Montgomery County and the rest of the Philadelphia area with tax issues. Today, the IRS reinforced on their website (www.irs.gov) their highest priority right now is High Income / Non-Filers

Eric Hylton, Commissioner, Small Business/Self Employed, explained the IRS started this initiative in early 2020 and even in a challenging year with COVID-19, the IRS has not lost focus on identifying and pursuing high income non-filers

"Why do this? Plain and simple, it's about fairness. Our pursuit of these high income non filers provides an important service and shows respect to the majority of Americans who pay their taxes. Taxpayers who exercise their best interest to file their tax returns and pay their taxes, or enter into agreements to pay their taxes, deserve to know that the IRS is pursuing others who have failed to satisfy their filing and payment obigations."

The IRS has an ambitious strategy to bring the high income non-filers into compliance. They have hired more revenue officers to actively pursue these individuals. In some cases, the revenue officers have turned over the cases to new Office of Fraud Enforcement. The IRS also uses a "robust system" to collect information from multiple third-party sources, whistleblowers, colleagues, neighbors and friends. Please keep in mind, audit rates increase significantly as income increases.

It is best to file and come forward before there's an issue. These situations only get worse with time. Even you cannot pay, it is always best to file and work out arrangements with the IRS.

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